Information about DMK Group activities in Russia

"business as usual" is not an option - Basic supply as responsibility; profits in Russia are used for humanitarian purposes
Bremen, March 14, 2022.
The war in Ukraine is an absolute tragedy from which the civilian population in particular is suffering. As an internationally active cooperative with members and employees from over 50 nations, we extend our sincere sympathy to all those affected. We are as shocked as almost everyone is these days.

DMK Group operates two cheese factories in Russia. DMK has been active in Russia for many years, employing 500 people in the local subsidiary who are part of our company. Business in Russia in the local subsidiary accounts for approximately 1% of DMK Group’s total turnover and is a purely autarkic local on-site business Production is exclusively for the Russian market; the processed milk originates exclusively from Russian agriculture. The cheese products manufactured go exclusively to customers in the civilian market and thus contribute to supplying the people with basic food. 

We currently have decided to focus our autarkic business in Russia solely on our role in feeding the population. With the start of the war, we decided to use any profits from our local Russian business for humanitarian purposes until further notice. To send a signal, we also have imposed an advertising and investment freeze in Russia.

Our actions reaffirm our support for the innocent victims of this war and join the calls for a peaceful solution and an immediate end to the war.

In view of the humanitarian crisis in which we find ourselves, we have also initiated a rapid central aid delivery by DMK. We have sent several trucks of baby food, milk and cocoa products on their way in the past few days and plan to send more on their way, which will go directly to organizations there via our office in Poland and help feed incoming refugees or be forwarded on to Ukraine.