DMK Group: "Stable results are no coincidence, but the consequence of our long-term strategy"

Company presents key figures for 2021 and provides an outlook for 2022
Bremen, 22 June 2022.
"Despite all the challenges, DMK Group can look back on a stable 2021 financial year. The three prevailing social issues - crises, conflicts and climate change - will also continue to challenge the world in 2022 and require joint solutions. For the company, its "Vision 2030" continues to be its course and proven compass," was CEO Ingo Müller's conclusion at the annual representatives' meeting in Hanover.

Stable key figures
In another pandemic-labelled year, DMK Group 2021 continued to implement its goals and deliver stable results: At € 5.5 billion, the turnover of Germany's largest dairy cooperative is at the previous year's level, the equity ratio remains stable at 33.8 %. The earnings were increased to 27 million euros (previous year 24.9 million euros). The cooperatively organised company was also able to achieve its most important target for 2021 in terms of disbursement performance: Including additional payments, DMK's average payout price for cooperative farmers in 2021 was 35.88 cents/kg (previous year 32.05 cents/kg), 0.14 cents above the official national comparison (BLE). The current payout in June 2022 is 52 cents milk money.

Strategy 2030 proves ist worth in times of crisis
The world is changing at a rapid pace. In addition to the advancing nutritional transformation and climate issues, the issue of supply security is also coming back into focus. "In view of these developments, the reliability and at the same time continuous further development of DMK is of particular importance. For it is only this combination that puts us in a position to withstand these crises on the one hand and at the same time solve the demands placed on us on the other. The basis for this is our "Vision 2030", which we are consistently implementing in its fourth year. And this consistency and the sorted look ahead are paying off more and more", explains Ingo Müller. Even if it is clear that there is still a lot to do: as one of the largest food manufacturers in Germany, the company sees a great opportunity to be part of an enormous transformation and to play a major role in shaping the nutrition of the future. "Times have changed, quickly and radically.  With the global pandemic, the war in Europe and the resulting energy and food crisis, global inflation and the escalating climate crisis, a mountain of major challenges is piling up: for individuals, for states and communities, for the whole world", Müller summarises the tasks.

Outlook 2022 – a year with two faces 
Accordingly, tense supply chains and price explosions in almost all categories will continue to bring great uncertainties in the current business year.  As part of the critical infrastructure, DMK's focus is on securing its supply chains and energy supply as best as possible. In addition, higher production requirements and consequently rising costs in 2022 remain just as challenging as the completely changing political framework conditions and the associated transformation of agriculture and nutrition. 

DMK Group considers itself well positioned with its 2030 course and will continue to pursue it in the current year. Müller comments: "Thanks to the consistent implementation of our Vision 2030, we are now in a position to act instead of being forced to react. That is the result of our joint work."