Alete bewusst presents new products

Portfolio expansion for evening porridges and snacks - Comprehensive online campaign for new snacks
Bremen, 24 March 2022:
The reorientation of the "Alete bewusst" brand continues to gain momentum. In addition to the relocation of jar production to the rebuilt DMK factory in Waghäusel, the traditional brand is launching further new products in the course of the first half of the year. In addition, Alete bewusst is supporting with a campaign the fruit and vegetable snacks already introduced at the beginning of the year.

At the start of 2022, the Baby business unit took another step in the strategic realignment initiated with the DMK Strategy 2030. "The deliberate relocation of Alete's jar production to our own DMK plant in Waghäusel is a key factor for us," explains Dr Marc-Alexander Mahl, COO of the Baby Business Unit. "We have created modern production lines here that open up further possibilities for us in the manufacture of our products. The relocation will allow us to comprehensively revise the recipes of our jarred foods." A wide range of products will benefit from this as early as the third quarter of 2022. Initially, the Alete conscious evening, fruit and cereal porridges as well as the menus, which offer natural taste through the use of unprocessed ingredients, will be changed. For example, potatoes will be used instead of potato flakes, no juice concentrates will be used, ascorbic acid and salt will be omitted, thus creating short ingredient lists. These measures also contribute to the brand's holistic approach, which is emphasised in the new brand positioning. 

Portfolio expansion for evening porridges and snacks
Products in organic quality, with natural ingredients and without palm oil: in line with its positioning, the brand will be launching additional new creations in the coming weeks. Now, for example, the fast-growing portfolio of evening porridges will be supplemented by another product. With "Alete bewusst Abendbrei 3-Korn", a variant consisting of whole wheat, spelt wheat and oat grains will be launched and is intended to set new impulses in the successful product category. There is also news in the snack category. The "Alete bewusst Bio Dinkelkeks" will be available in stores from the second quarter. It does not contain industrial sugar or long lists of ingredients and has a high proportion of spelt flour. 

Comprehensive online campaign for new snacks
In addition, the brand has launched an accompanying online campaign for the "Obsties" and "Gemüsies", which have been available since January. With the new products, the Baby Division has expanded its portfolio into the growth market of fruit snacks. A market that saw growth of over 66 per cent last year. The Alete bewusst campaign focuses on the benefits of the new creations across all channels: the products are all of organic quality and are gently produced. Through extensive online and social media measures, Alete bewusst is placing the campaign on a broad foundation. This is additionally flanked by campaigns at the POS.