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ANUGA: DMK Group presents innovations
DMK Group has anchored strategic growth areas in its "Vision 2030" presented in 2019. Now, Germany's…
DMK Group reduces majority stake in Fude + Serrahn dairy products
DMK Group intends to reduce its previous majority shareholdings in Fude + Serrahn Milchprodukte GmbH…
DMK Group: On course for 2030 – despite the pandemic
Despite all the unexpected challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, DMK Group can look back on…
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DMK Group focuses on prominent brands in the ice cream business
- DMK creates ice cream novelties for Mangaroca Batida de Cocô, Treets – The Peanut Company and…
Uniekaas: Streamlining the campaign with a new commercial
Uniekaas has stood for genuine Dutch Gouda for more than 50 years. The Dutch brand of the DMK Group…
DMK Group realigns Alete
In line with its 2030 strategy, the DMK Group has successfully completed another milestone.…
DMK Group launches fixed price model
After running a pilot project to hedge milk prices, Germany’s largest dairy cooperative is now…
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Merger of DVN and wheyco successfully implemented
It finally happened: for the first time, whey permeate and WPC 80 were filled into bags with the…
DMK Group appoints COO for Baby Food business unit
The DMK Group is completing the announced change in management for the Baby Food business area. Marc…
Training during the corona era
How can training be organised during the corona era? Companies must face this question with this…
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DMK Group further expands its Milram brand business
The DMK Group has repositioned itself as part of its "Vision 2030". Based on a deep understanding of…
DMK Group: Stable sales with extensive restructuring investments
Despite massive corporate restructuring, the DMK Group can look back on a stable 2019 financial…
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