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“The First Choice – for Always:” our Target Image 2030 has successfully found its way into the competition for good specialists

Die DMK Group hat sich mit ihrem Leitbild 2030  „Die erste Wahl. Ein Leben lang“ auch mit ihrem  Personalmanagement neu positioniert und möchte fortan als Arbeitgeber und für Auszubildende „die erste Wahl“ sein. Die insgesamt 18 Ausbildungsberufe reichen von Milchtechnologen über Mechatroniker bis hin zu Industriekaufleuten. Um von Beginn an gut vernetzt zu sein und sich kennenzulernen, hat das Unternehmen im August wieder für alle neuen Auszubildenden eine Start-up-Veranstaltung durchgeführt, bei der auch dieses Jahr erneut sichtbar wurde, wie vielfältig wir sind, nicht nur bei unseren Ausbildungsberufen. „Wir wollen mit diesem Angebot unseren neuen Kollegen zeigen, die zwischen 16 und 45 Jahre alt sind, dass es auch in einem Konzern wie der DMK Group auf jeden Einzelnen ankommt“, betont Personalchefin Ines Krummacker (CHRO) der DMK Group. „Deshalb möchten wir ihnen gleich zu Beginn ihres Berufslebens zeigen, dass wir dieses Engagement zielgerichtet fördern und jeden Einzelnen dazu ermutigen.“ Neu ausrichten wird sich die Ausbildung mit dem Projekt „GROW  — Ausbildung auf Augenhöhe“, an dem gerade gearbeitet wird, um auch weiterhin eine hohe Qualität in diesem Bereich sicherzustellen. Wir haben uns umgehört unter den Azubis und ihren Ausbildern. Es gab viel positives Feedback, ein großes Engagement und das klare Bekenntnis zu DMK.


Ein Trio, das sich versteht: Ausbilder Thomas Müller (Mitte) mit seinen Auszubildenden Jessica London (links) und Markus Reiß. Die drei Erfurter haben sich zum Ziel gesetzt, Azubis und Ausbilder des Jahres zu werden




including milk technologist * and dairy industry laboratory assistant *




for example electrician * and industry mechanic *




for example professional driver *




including industry manager * , technical warehouse specialist * or specialist for warehouse logistics *


and much more




In Conversation with Sabina Wieczorek

DMK’s project “GROW — Training between Equals” takes the company’s trai - ning in a new direction. Why is that?


Because we face major chal - lenges. We see a shortage of trained experts, there is a trend towards people going to university and junior emplo - yees are a lot more confident and self possessed. A trainee post has to offer a lot more than it did in the past. Young people want to be able to iden - tify with their job right from the beginning, to unleash their potential and work as equals. Diversity has also become a huge topic. For us, it is really important to offer many different areas of work, countries and a mix of diffe - rent ages, because we do not only take on trainees who come to us directly having finished school.


How does DMK address all these hopes?


We involve apprenti - ces in shaping their training right from the very start. We ask them in workshops, what do you imagine when you think about a good training pro - gram? And we put that to the trainers. We will offer a quali - fication program for trainers in the future because leadership in training is also very important to us. How important are start-up events? They address all the trai - nees each year and are a way for them to get to know the company. We show them what they can expect and what our principles are. It is also a chance for the newcomers to get to know each other and create a network.


Why is that important?


The great thing is that there are hardly any borders in our world anymore. But that makes things more compli - cated too, and contradic - tory and faster. Networks give young people a social community that functions like a home base, and they can draw on that if they have questions or feel lonely. It also helps them to think of them - selves as part of a team and to strengthen their identification with the workplace.




Sabina Wieczorek (32) was a junior officer for personnel marketing at DMK until 2017. She was appointed HR Deve - lopment Manager in 2017.


Every year, nearly 100 new trainees join the DMK Group at 15 different locations. Of the DMK Group’s 7,700 employees, 212 are trainees at the moment. The 18 trainee positions offered by the company range from milk technologist through mechatronic engineer to industry manager.


Markus Reiß, 25 years old, trainee dairy technologist in Erfurt

I moved from Dresden to Erfurt because of my daughter and a year ago, I started working in UHT milk production through a personnel agency in Erfurt. Right from the very first day, I knew: This is it! I want to stay here! So I tried really hard at work and then I applied to become a trainee dairy technologist. I succeeded! I have been part of the DMK team in Erfurt since 1. 8. 2019 and I am really happy about that. I have a lot of fun here thanks to the variety of tasks I do and the great range of products (my favorite is zabaione curd) as well as the teamwork. I also really enjoy the part at vocational college even if daily teaching sessions took a bit of getting used to at first. The subjects I’m doing include math, machine research, microbiology, chemistry, English and sport. I thought it was really great to learn about DMK’s background during the start-up festival for trainers and trainees. I was particularly impressed at how our work does not only feed our own families but, indirectly, the families of the farmers, too. I totally support the cooperative principle, that motivates me every day.


Jessica London, 28 years old, first year of training as a dairy technologist, Erfurt

For a long time, I worked in events, in gastronomy. As a mother of two schoolchildren it was difficult to manage the job as well as my family. We live near the DMK plant in Erfurt and the products that are made there are a fixed part of our family’s daily diet. A friend recommended DMK as a good employer so I applied to become a trainee dairy technologist and was accepted. It’s really fun, I enjoy the subject, I like the products and the atmosphere is good. I also like the fact that my trainer Thomas Müller is three years younger than I am – that there isn’t a really big age gap between us. We all get along really well with each other and we are his first trainees. Thomas Müller really knows a lot about the subject that he enjoys teaching us about. He fulfills all my expectations of a trainer: he treats us respectfully and he has given us a really good introduction to science. The rest is up to us. I am pretty ambitious and I think DMK offers good professional opportunities. I thought the workshop for trainers and trainees back in August was great. We all exchanged our numbers and stayed in touch through WhatsApp, we are still in contact now. I am a bit nervous about vocational college but DMK is supporting us. My favorite product is the Osterland red fruit pudding.


Hozan Haji, 35 years old, first year of training as a dairy technologist, Edewecht

I fled from Syria, my home country, in 2013. I initially went to Iraq where I met my wife, and then, when she was expecting our first child, we came to Germany. We were happy to be here but it took several years before I found my feet. My three children were born here. A few months ago, I came to DMK thanks to the refugee support organization in Bockhorn and the job center. I have a Bachelor’s degree in agriculture from Syria and I worked in a dairy in Iraq for two years. I am sure that helped me gain a training position as a dairy technologist. I am happy that I was able to start in Edewecht in August. The job is really fun! At the plant, I go through several departments, from the collection of raw milk through to the final product: cheese factory, creamery, laboratory, packaging section and logistics. The technology in the machines fascinates me. Everything runs automatically and everyone in the organization knows exactly what they are supposed to do and when. I also like the diversity at the Edewecht plant: there are people from Russia, Poland, Somalia, Eritrea and Kazakhstan working there. It would be great to get a job at DMK after my training and maybe later to become a trainer myself.


Philipp Schoon, 20 years old, first year of training as a professional driver, Edewecht

As a professional driver when I am out and about, I am my own boss and I like that! As a trainee, I am currently accompanying the drivers of the milk collection vehicles. They go through a checklist before they leave and that includes checking the lights. My job is also to collect the milk at the farms and unload the milk at the dairy. We work in shifts that can vary depending on the traffic and the weather. I will pass my driving license for the milk collection truck in November, so I should get it three weeks later. After that I will be driving alone. I am excited about that! My great uncle told me that DMK was looking for young people to train as professional drivers, because he also works for the dairy cooperative. After leaving school I actually wanted to train as a computer specialist but then I realized I didn’t want to spend all day sitting at a desk. That’s probably a family thing: my father was also a professional driver. When I was young I often went with him on trips. If I could see into the future, I would hope to be still working here in ten years’ time.


Sandy Gerberding, 17 years old, first year of training as an industrial mechanic, Everswinkel

I love to repair things, and as a kid I often helped my grandma when the coffee machine broke down or the lamp didn’t work. I always wanted to work with my hands later on. After I finished school, I was thinking about becoming a mechatronics engineer working on cars. But then I saw DMK’s job offer online and I had to look up where Everswinkel is. I come from Hameln and that’s 150 kilometers away. My interview for the trainee position went really well. It was also great that they promised to help me find somewhere to live and I was able to move in before the first day of my training. I have been training as an industrial mechanic at DMK since August 1, at the plant in Everswinkel. I’m one of 100 trainees here at the DMK Group. I’m most often to be found in my work overalls andwith my toolbox between the conveyer belts and the production facilities. My trainer, Stefan Gerdes, is usually by my side. He is a trained industrial mechanic. He is amazingly motivated and always encourages me. He has an answer to every question and he is also very patient. He also praises my team spirit, my education, my ability to grasp things quickly and my skilled craftsmanship. Right now I am learning the theory and the practice: filing, milling, turning and drilling. I have a really clear goal: to do as well as I can in my training, work for a few years as a journeywoman, and then get my master’s certificate. I am in exactly the right place, in this workshop, to pursue my goals. Not only that, I love ice cream, cocoa and fresh milk. Here in Everswinkel, I’m right at the source!


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