What drives you?

Oliver Bartelt, Head of Communications, DMK Group

That’s a highly personal question we can only answer for ourselves, as what drives one person is quite different to the next. What’s interesting is whether we do things because we can, and they are possible – or because we’re driven by the desire to do something that we love.

In 1953, New Zealand mountaineer Sir Edmund Hillary and Nepalese Sherpa Tenzing Norgay reached the top of Mount Everest. When Hillary was asked what made him climb the mountain, he said, “Because it’s there.” But is that reason enough? Do we get up in the morning and go to our desks or barns or plants “because they’re there”? Or are we driven by something deeper, namely the desire to make something happen?

It’s perfectly conceivable to want to do something even though it doesn’t seem possible, like wanting to fly, or create something that doesn’t exist yet like developing a new vaccine. Mount Everest, on the other hand, was already there, so reaching the summit was possible, theoretically at least. But just because something exists doesn’t mean we necessarily want it. Curiosity is also involved. Sometimes we want to explore uncharted territory. In Sir Edmund Hillary’s world, that was the mountain. It was possible to climb it – or try. That alone is sufficient motivation.

At DMK, we are not up against mountains though perhaps they can serve as an image: Together, DMK unites people on farms and in dairies who, facing adversity and what seems impossible, feel the drive to change things. These are the people this issue is dedicated to, and they share some exciting insights in the following pages. Have fun reading this issue of MILCHWELT!

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