The strong chain

How DMK secures food for millions.

DMK's wide-ranging portfolio includes more than 2000 products. Day after day, farmers, milk collection truck drivers, technologists, sales staff and many more make it possible for the long journey from the cow to the fresh food counter to reach the households of millions - here and far beyond the country's borders. The supply chain functions like clockwork, its cogs tirelessly meshing. Despite all the hurdles - which are not exactly low at the moment.

The world and DMK as a company are facing challenges that no one would have expected a few weeks ago. In the last few weeks, they have also heralded a turning point in the dairy cooperative that affects and influences every area. But how is it possible to continue to supply the market with high-quality products in the face of the drastic upheavals caused by war, pandemics, price explosions on the energy and raw materials markets, agricultural regulations and nutritional trends? The freshness component makes the chain fragile.


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Read the entire cover story from the July 2022 issue of Milchwelt here.

Here we shine a spotlight on the way DMK secures nutrition. Because the appearance of a product stands or falls with the smooth functioning of the supply chain. We shed light on this path and let experts from the areas of energy, supply chain, purchasing and more have their say on the general, but above all current challenges in their respective segments.

Every employee and every farmer is going through a time of back-to-back crises right now. Pandemics and fear of war are leaving their mark, and not everyone is processing the events in the same way. The essay on the "supply chain" is not only intended to show the intricate supply logistics, but above all to give confidence: as a consumer of dairy products that will continue to be on the shelves despite changed conditions. As an employee who is worried about the existence of his or her job. And as a farmer, whose actions form the basis of every chain and will remain of enormous importance now and in the future.


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