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When it comes to overcoming obstacles, Nina Rempe values team brainstorming sessions.

“Anyone who stops improving ceases to be good” – that’s my favorite quote by Philip Rosenthal, an entrepreneur. It suits me because I love new subjects and challenges. I’m not one to stand still. Giving up is not an option. What counts is getting colleagues inspired about something, and pushing things forward together.

My job is exactly right for me, because I always have the chance to seek out new paths and embrace new directions. I’m responsible for New Business within BU Brand. New Business is to be taken literally. We focus on the new and consider what kind of trends we’d like to take on for the brand in the future. We’re looking at what kind of new product groups would be right for the MILRAM brand, for example, or how we can serve new target groups and needs.


“I want to drive MILRAM’s future forward.”

Nina Rempe, Marketing Managerin Brand Retail

We have several ways of doing this: Currently, our best-known example is MILRAM KALDER KAFFEE, which we launched in 2019, and found new ways to reach a younger target group. However, we have to create products before we get to the point where a shopper can buy it in the store, or see our advertisements. So my job involves a lot of research and analysis about the future of MILRAM. That means looking at trends, the market, competitors and target groups and their needs. Once we have an idea, we move on to implementation. We ask: How can a product be produced? In-house or do we have to use external production f facilities? How profitable would the projects be in the short, medium and long term? As a team, we find answers to all these questions. We work closely with people from research and development, plants, quality management, purchasing, controlling, legal, market research and many more. I’m really lucky that in the process, I work across functions with many great colleagues. We all pull together, talk about how to implement new projects and focus on shared solutions and that’s what I enjoy. I’m always looking forward to our next meeting because I know that we can achieve so much more than just one person working on their own.”


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