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Away from silo thinking and towards more exchange. Florian Schomaker, Instructor and HR Manager Organizational Development, on innovation in training

How are things going right now?

As is the case throughout the organization, more and more of our trainees are coming together from different parts of the company for projects involving several departments, working on exciting issues and taking on more responsibility. This generation has a tendency to focus on the meaning of their work, and is eager to get more involved. As the DMK Group becomes more international, today’s trainees have a chance to visit locations throughout Germany and abroad, gain valuable experience and make contacts early on that can help them throughout their careers at the DMK Group.

Training has changed due to the pandemic...

Yes, the coronavirus means we’re in a new situation. Where possible, apprentices and instructors are working from home, which has meant new and exciting challenges for everyone. This year’s trainees have already gained experience of digital learning, remote teaching and taking exams online. We combine onsite learning with video conferencing for operational training, though it’s become clear that distance learning has its limitations. The personal relationship between an instructor and a trainee is still a vital aspect of training.

"In the future, people will work in agile teams that will be drawn together to complete specific tasks."

Florian Schomaker

What’s the future of this kind of teamwork?

DMK is driving digital collaboration forward in training as it is in other areas. New tools are enabling people to work from anywhere, at any time. More and more, team and departmental meetings are being held online, people are using digital tools to do their work, and are communicating through chat. In the future, people will work in agile teams that will be drawn together to complete specific tasks.

That sounds like a challenge for instructors!

It will definitely involve changes when it comes to teaching content and conveying values. But in my view, it’s also a valuable opportunity to benefit from the technical skills of the new generation. Now, as DMK, it is up to us to ensure that there can still be personal contact between trainees, coworkers and instructors despite increasing flexibility in terms of location and working hours. Because it’s clear that digital connectivity needs the personal touch more than ever.

Innovative Example

In order to avoid creating long, complicated chains of infection, this year, we held the StartUp – an event for trainees to get to know each other – online. Thanks to our communication platform, 84 trainees came together from 15 locations to get to know each other, using cameras, loudspeakers and microphones. They heard exciting lectures by 13 speakers from different business areas who introduced them to the company. The trainees also had a chance to rate the event using an app.

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