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The IWB training program offers employees new professional opportunities, as Süntje Bischof discovered.

She made it! Süntje Bischoff became Laboratory Master and Head of Quality Assurance at the Hohenwestedt site on August 1, 2020 – thanks to DMK’s individual training program. All DMK employees interested in advancing their careers can apply for the IWB, a professional support program for further individual and academic training. Those who qualify are assessed and can then be exempted from work for a period of time. DMK pays up to 20,000 euros–and of course guarantees that participants can return to work afterwards.

“I wanted to take on more responsibility in a more senior post within a few years of completing the IWB,

Süntje Bischoff

The candidate themselves should be motivated to apply and the additional training should not be something that is required for their current job.

“I wanted to take on more responsibility in a more senior post within a few years of completing the IWB,” says Bischoff. Four years ago, she completed her training as a dairy laboratory technician, then moved to Bavaria for further training as a laboratory supervisor, and learned about science, quality assurance, specialist legal issues and laboratory and personnel man-agement. During two full-time semesters, she also applied the theory in practice at a teaching laboratory and a dairy. “The program encouraged me to improve my professional prospects and be flexible for the labor market,” she says. She knows it’s pretty rare to get such a job straight after training. “But I’m really excited about this opportunity!”


Individual trainingsprogram

What is important to know?


  • Support is available for job-related, individual, professional or academic further training, either full time or in parallel to work
  • A wide range of qualifications are possible even if DMK does not offer training in particular areas
  • Open to employees with a permanent contract who have been in their posts for at least one year
  • Willing to relocate

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