How DMK is getting fit for the future

The digital service platform and machine learning are just the beginning.

The pandemic has made it clearer than ever how important digital structures are. DMK made it through the past few months so well as employees were quick to adapt to the situation, embracing virtual meetings instead of conferences and working from home. Beyond our dairy, that’s the case worldwide as economies scramble to go digital.

New added value

Strategically, that makes it all the more important for us to keep up. DMK has spent years focusing on future digital technologies and weighing up the risks and opportunities involved. “We’ve identified, evaluated and structured a lot of potential areas throughout the value chain,” says David Reinhardt, Senior Manager Digital Acceleration and Innovation from Corporate Strategy. “We want to use these technologies intelligently, to support the company’s goals, solve problems for customers and partners and create new added value.”

Giant technological leap

A slew of initial projects have already been successfully carried out. The company spent the last year and a half creating the digital service platform, a new ecosystem to fit DMK for the future. “It’s a real technological leap,” says Reinhardt of the platform, which offers a range of applications. “These services can support farmers, make the company more competitive and create added value for customers.” Mymilk, the first tool on the platform, is accessible for farmers and is already proving useful in daily life. The platform offers far more potential to further network the company.

Machine Learning is one of the digital technologies that DMK is focusing on for the future. It involves using human experience to train machines

Machine learning

Currently the focus is on several different technologies which all have one thing in common: They help employees to achieve company goals. One example is machine learning, which is often associated with artificial intelligence but is actually far away from human intelligence, so there’s no need to be afraid. The technology will have an enormous influence on our industry’s future. What’s exciting about it is that machines or systems learn tasks based on the data they are given – they are not programmed for the tasks, which means the systems can be used much more widely than was the case in the past.

Intelligent implementation

Using machine learning in production processes means interrelationships can be identified automatically that in the past would have depended on people’s intelligence and experience. The technology gathers data from the production process and people train the system. Right now, DMK experts are developing suitable prototypes. There is a long way to go but DMK is now picking up the pace.

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