Focusing on the person

The Industry Business Unit is advertising with black and white photos accompanied by a hashtag that reads “the binding ingredient.” What’s that about?

The binding ingredient – what does that mean?

The way we work together, in all its dimensions, is the heart of our work, from our connections to our farmers with their raw materials, to our customers with their products and to the other DMK Business Units – at the Industry Business Unit, we make products and act as a service provider. And not least, our employees, each of whom also has their own connections. We want to strengthen this sense of togetherness and make it tangible, internally and externally, to customers. That’s what we mean with that phrase.

The campaign pictures don’t only show products, but focus above all on people. Why’s that?

Because it’s always people who transform a raw material into a product. They are the binding ingredient: If milk becomes a special ingredient, that is because people developed, planned, produced, marketed and sold it. We wanted to shine a light on the people behind the products, and draw attention to them.

"The way we work together, in all its dimensions, is the heart of our work,"

Dr. Annika Schrader, Director Marketing BU Industry

What are you planning next?

Step by step, we will keep rolling out this campaign – mainly at and with our customers. And we’re also in the process of growing closer together – within Marketing, in our Industry Business Unit and where we interact with other parts of DMK. We’re thinking beyond products and towards categories. We see the #bindingingredient campaign not only as a marketing strategy but also as a guideline for our daily work. Together, it makes us even stronger!

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