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Taking on responsibility while still in training. Our trainee Daniel Merten about his time in sales and field service.

During our training at DMK, we as trainees are able to gain many insights into a wide variety of specialist areas and thus get to know many different areas of responsibility within the company. At the end of my first year of training, I was introduced to the "Food Retail Sales" department of the "Brand" business unit. In addition to working in the office, I was also able to gain my first experience in the field - which is not really the norm, as our field staff are normally rarely in the office but out on the road to present our MILRAM and Osterland brands to retailers as effectively as possible. That's why I was really pleased that DMK gives us the opportunity to get to know departments, that are not actually included in the framework curriculum. This allows us to discover and develop our personal interests and strengths even better.

In the first two weeks, I was shown a lot of things and gained insights into the tasks of the office staff. The daily schedule for example included entering orders, the introduction to the necessary technical systems or the use of the purchasing tool. This provided the basis for the work in sales. After the induction, it was time for me to also get to know the tasks and the team of the field sales force. As professional and personal preparation for customer meetings, we practiced sales talks, for example. That really helped me, as I was able to rehearse a few conversations and possible questions in advance.

At DMK, each sales representative is assigned to a specific geographical area and is responsible for supporting the local markets. I traveled with my colleagues through Lower Saxony, Bremen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Hesse, Berlin, Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and was able to look over their shoulders. During our visits, we recorded data on our existing product range in the stores and discussed various promotions in connection with our products with the retailers.

But the highlight of my time in sales had been the last few weeks. I was enabled to plan independent tours in the Lower Saxony area. Every day, I drove around our customers to apply the knowledge I had learned. My job was to make sure that our products were appropriately displayed and that there was enough merchandise on the shelves. In addition, I informed the store managers about news in our portfolio and also introduced our products to the consumers in the store.

At the beginning, I was still very nervous because I was representing the DMK Group as large company directly in front of the customer. But thanks to the great support of the entire sales team, the stage fright quickly subsided and I noticed how I was able to familiarize myself more and more with the various work processes from day to day. The trust placed in me, the open cooperation and the great atmosphere at DMK were remarkable for me! t was great fun, I was able to learn a lot and gain experience. And now I am looking forward to everything that is still to come in my training!


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