Soybeans as a money saver
Farmer Bart van den Bosse is experimenting with ways to reduce the number of extra purchases he needs to make.
Do it yourself - Cool Quark
Try frozen quark as a delicious a lternative to ice cream on these hot days! Thanks to its high protein content, this tasty summer treat will power you through the day.
A blossoming plant!
A garden right outside the offiffice. Stefanie Ludewig has transformed the Edewecht site with a flowering meadow for people and animals to enjoy.
Say „cheese“ ... Spring is in the air!
Graskaas, a seasonal cheese specialty, is loved by retailers and shoppers alike.
How Cool is That?
We are also welcoming 2022 with our successful brands Mangaroca Batida de Côco, MILRAM, Treets and Capri-Sun.
“More planning security and self-determination”
An interview with Professor Dr. Holger D. Thiele about models such as DMK’s Fixed Price: Where they come from, what they offer and how they are developing around the world.
From Trainee to Boss
Carsten Habermann is the new head of Business Unit Brand. He has been at the company for 23 years and has big plans in store.
The Taste of the Future
Eating habits are changing rapidly so an external team of chefs is testing products for tomorrow’s meals.
“The packaging is what counts!”
DMK’s developers see unending potential for research in the enormous field of packaging
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“We are still finding new trends”
Nicole Peiler has set herself the goal of making a powerful brand even stronger.
Erfurt’s Evolution
The plant in Erfurt has been churning out high-quality dairy products for decades and soon, vegan products will also be rolling off the production line. Project manager Nina Rempe spells out how, and why this matters so much.
Mild Mozzarella
Bella Italia! Whether topping your pizza or matched with tomatoes – this creamy delicacy is always a welcome addition to Mediterranean dishes.
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