This Summer’s Thrills and Chills
With powerful new brands like Capri Sun and Batida de Cocô, DMK is dreaming up new ice cream creations – many of which will bring back memories in a whole new form.
The Endless Possibilities of Sweetened Condensed Milk
Thomas Mintus and Markus Schacht develop new varieties of sweetened condensed milk in line with customer wishes. It’s all about creativity, expertise and precision as any deviation can have far-reaching consequences.
Four Business Units Turn the Wheel of Cheese
Cheese is by far the largest product category at DMK. Several business units pulled together on the MILRAM Northern Light success story.
Do it yourself - Sweet cream butter
Now it’s cold and rainy outside, it’s hard to imagine life without butter, and all the countless ways you can enjoy it. Here is a recipe with just one single ingredient
Grated cheese is great for efficiency
Market launch 2020: Uniekaas is providing new recipes for grated cheese, to make more effective use of offcuts
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Toppics 310 – the first vegan, protein-free whipped cream
Unlike other vegan products, this new instant whipped cream does not contain any allergenic substances. A patent is pending
The new Alete – more modern, more authentic, more aware
“Alete aware” helps young families to provide healthy nutrition for their babies and children. The brand is now being fully revamped
Makes you melt - Super Soulfood Sandwich
What do you mean, winter blues? The MILRAM website offers lots of delicious recipes, with the dream combination of melted cheese and crisp bread. They’re bound to put you in a good mood – as is this autumnal grilled cheese sandwich
The Cheese Expert
On average, a customer will spend €5.22 at the cheese counter – and the trend is upwards. Yet in recent years, the number of sales has been falling continuously. Could it be that the cheese counter is becoming obsolete in the age of convenience and snackification? A quick glance at the raw figures, however, shows that this drop-off cannot be attributed to age groups or certain target groups. So what are the reasons for this? In the DMK Group, people like Diana Manteufel-Siaty focus on precisely these kinds of questions.
On Course in Russia Masks
Blue cheese is a hit in Russia.
Do it yourself Firm and creamy yoghurt
It’s bright, sunny and there’s a real summer feeling. What better dairy product could you make than a delicious refreshing yoghurt? It only takes four easy steps
MILRAM Grilled Vegetable Steaks
It’s barbecue season but that doesn’t have to mean hamburgers and sausages! Take a trip to Argentina via MILRAM’s website and try this delicious spicy meal that’s made entirely without meat. The secret ingredient? MILRAM FrühlingsQuark, the TOP BRAND 2020!
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