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From baby food to buttermilk, DMK products can accompany people throughout their lives. There are more and more to choose from – here are the newest ones available.

HUMANA - “Exactly what we need”

Humana has developed a new generation of milk formula for infants, under the banner “Exactly what we need.” The result is Humana PROBALANCETM, the best Humana milk formula ever – with HMO. These are human milk oligosaccharides, which, along with lactose and fat, are a major component of breast milk*. Thanks to complex technology, Humana can enrich milk formula with the HMO “2FL” (2’ fucosyllactose)** – the most abundant and best researched HMO. To make everyday family life easier, all Humana PROBALANCETM products are available in the innovative myHumanaPack, packaging which makes preparing milk formula safer, more hygienic and easier than ever before.


Humana PROBALANCETM Follow-on Milk 2 has been on the market since October 2020 and is ideal for supplementary feeding or as the sole milk formula following breastfeeding or an initial formula. The starch-free formula is based on nutrition experts’ recommendations so is optimal for complementary feeding.


* not derived from breast milk.

** Breastfeeding is the best nutrition for your baby. Talk to your pediatrician or midwife if you want to use an infant formula.

Humana PROBALANCETM is the best Humana milk formula ever – now with HMO

ALETE AWARE - On your spoons, get set, go!

Alete aware” accompanies little ones as become children, and is growing alongside them. A new “Soups and Stews” segment sees Alete Aware expanding its portfolio as it keeps providing sustainable child nutrition. Shoppers with youngsters aged 3 and above have a choice of cream of tomato soup with vegetables, a pumpkin cream soup (each 350 ml) and a vegetable stew with noodles (350g) since the start of 2021.

All of the products contain no added sugar or flavourings. The new products are suitable for this age range, packed with vegetables and tasty herbs and spices – and are also practical and easy to use. Nutritional awareness also means helping your child appreciate variety. As with the other jars available, the “Soups and Stews” range is also organic quality, meaning the ingredients come from controlled organic agriculture.

For children from the age of 3: “Alete Aware” has launched a soup and stews range.

PRODUCT INNOVATION WITH A BITE MILRAM - Skyr, now as cottage cheese

Packed with 13 percent protein and with only 0.1 percent fat, the new MILRAM Skyr cottage cheese is not only the best in its class, but it also has real bite. With its subtly tart taste, this innovative product is not only a hit with sports enthusiasts, but also works as a protein-rich breakfast or in sandwiches, salads or bowls.

The 200-gram cup carries the “Too good to go” symbol of a campaign that aims to reduce food waste.

FRESHLY-BAKED SPRING FEELING - Great news for grated cheese fans

MILRAM’s new range of grated cheese products hit supermarket shelves at the beginning of March. The mix of tangy cheddar and melt-in-your-mouth mozzarella, MILRAM’s gratin-love is perfect for topping your favourite oven dishes. Meanwhile, MILRAM pizza-love is a slightly milder mix of Gouda and mozzarella that works well on top of any pizza.

Leader of the pack MILRAM’s new grated cheeses are available in bags that are even easier to recycle.

COOLING REFRESHMENT - Summer time is iced tea time!

What could be better for fans of fruit-flavoured buttermilk than the refreshing combination of buttermilk and the classic summer drink, iced tea? MILRAM thought so too, and is bringing two iced tea limited editions to market. With aromatic green tea extract, both are fruity and refreshing, and low in sugar. Ideal for keeping a cool head on hot days.

Summer feeling thanks to the new buttermilk iced tea drinks, in apple and lemon flavours.

OSTERLAND - A winning combination

Osterland’s popular dessert classic is now also available in separate pots, with the red-berry-packed compote now available in a 460-gram tub. You wouldn’t want to forget its perfectly-matched partner, Osterland’s creamy dessert sauce, as the classic combination creates a true highlight. It’s now available in a new 230 ml cup, ready to serve. You can find more delicious recipe ideas at: www.osterland.de/rezepte

A perfect match: Osterland red fruit pudding and dessert sauce are now available in large cups

INDIA CURRYQUARK - Nice and spicy

MILRAM used a range of delicious spices from South Asia to create its new India Curry Quark. The creamy product combines juicy mango chunks with a mix of chili flakes, spicy ginger and turmeric, a super food. It’s ideal spread on bread, as a quick dip or to accompany chicken, salmon or anything else at a barbecue

Ginger, mango, chili, turmeric: MILRAM’s new India Curry Quark will pep up your meal