Milram on the road to sustainability

MILRAM’s new “Completely Delicious” campaign promotes environmental awareness and responsibility by reducing food waste.

Who knew? You can make limp carrots crisp and crunchy again - and you can use carrot greens to create a fresh and tasty pesto. Meanwhile it is best to keep your packaged cheese in the central part of your refrigerator. These life hacks, plus recipes for food that seems old, are set to go viral this summer via MILRAM’s Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook pages. “Completely Delicious” aims to inspire a sense of environmental responsibility when it comes to food, so less “good” food winds up in the garbage can. “We set out to conserve resources to help nature and the environment,” says Gabriele Siegmann, Marketing Manager BU Brand.

Inspiring the community

The videos, pictures, hacks, recipes and challenges all provide food for thought when it comes to turning food that may seem old into appealing meals. MILRAM is also working on sustainable packaging, saving material and continuously improving recyclability. The new 400-gram porridge cup already uses around 30% less plastic compared to conventional cups. MILRAM is also taking to social media to tell users more about packaging, whether it can be recycled and how best to dispose of it. “Sometimes consumers wonder why the MILRAM porridge cup comes with an extra cardboard sleeve, or want to know more about the lid on our spring quark,” says Siegmann. “We want to share our knowledge and engage with people as equals.” MILRAM is also working together with farmers to promote biodiversity, creating flowering meadows to give insects a home. Insect hotels are also being offered as prizes to excite social media users about these issues. Readers learn that the wooden houses can serve as a retreat for insects of all kinds, protecting them from harm.

On Instagram and other platforms, MILRAM shares better ways to store food.