Crunchy Cheese Pops

With a bit of patience and some delicious cheese, we’re creating a brand new snack: Puffed cheese, straight out of the microwave.


  • A 250 g piece of any MILRAM cheese
  • Oven grill and baking paper
  • Microwave (Microwave alternative: Puff up the cheese in the oven at 230°C for 3 minutes – though it doesn’t always work)

1. Buy a piece of any cheese you like – we recommend Gouda/ Emmentaler or try Müritzer which is a bit spicier.

2. Cut the cheese into small cubes (1x1 cm) and lay them out on a sheet of baking paper on the oven grill – the smaller the cubes, the faster your snack will be ready!

3. Leave them to dry for 3-4 days (leave the oven tray out on a surface in the kitchen). Important tip: don’t cover it, otherwise the cheese won’t really dry out. The cheese will lose some of its fat in the process, which will collect on the baking paper.

4. After 3 days, you can see whether or not your cheese is ready to “pop.” Take one of the cubes and place it on a microwave-safe plate (not forgetting the microwave cover). After 2 minutes at 700 watts, the cheese square should either have become a cheese pop or else will have melted.

Tip: If the cheese melts, eat them and let the remaining cubes dry out for another 1-2 days then try again. Some types of cheese just won’t “pop” – they melt into cheese chips instead. Try them – cheese chips taste great too.

5. You can spice up your cheese pops with paprika or eat them just as they are.