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The Industry Business Unit shows how multifaceted the world of milk is. Thanks to DMK’s teamwork, employees keep on overcoming new challenges

Not all milk is the same and that can be seen at the Industry Business Unit, one of the six divisions at the DMK Group. All products pass through the unit, from whey-based products to powder for baby food and on to additives for animal food, to milk and cheese that is ready to eat. “Our area serves business to business customers, so processing industries – wherever our customers refine dairy goods into new products. What is important is that we are familiar with the products of our industry customers, their processes and their applications. What makes all the difference here is the human connection, our employees, who are the binding ingredient and who make all the difference,” says Alexander Godow, who has been leading the Industry unit since 2017.

This is also reflected in the products. When NORLAC, one of the unit’s four subdivisions, launched the new NORMI ASS Trigosal onto the market, demand soared. NORMI had already established a reputation for providing milk alternatives for calves. The new NORMI calves milk ASS Trigosal 25 kg was unique on the German market, however. It has an expectorant factor that enables calves to make it through the winter months without catching colds.

“Demand for NORMI ASS Trigosal was so great that we could barely produce enough of it at the start,” says NORLAC manager Hendrik Hombergs. “We really met a need, helping not only in terms of animal welfare but also reducing how much medicine they needed,” says marketing specialist Insa Cordes.

“We obviously met a need, helping not only in terms of animal wel- fare but also by reduc- ing how much medicine they needed.”

Insa Cordes, NORMI Marketing

A textbook case of team work

NORMI has a local advantage as the milk powder is produced in Zeven, right next to the dairy, meaning direct access to food-quality raw materials and cutting out the need for extra transport.

But it is not only calves, lambs and piglets who benefit from the variety and quality of products offered by the Industry Business Unit, but people, too. Much of the sweet goods and confectionery available in retail stores contain dairy products like cream, butter or sweetened condensed milk made by DMK Ingredients, another part of the business unit. DMK’s products and expertise also help create new products beyond chocolate and ice cream.

In November 2018, for example, Nestle Wagner needed a new kind of sour cream for “piccolinis” with a special mix of spices and also particular properties. DMK Ingredients’ research and development team worked with colleagues from marketing and sales, and production, on creating the sour cream that was needed. Shortly afterward, they had come up with a solution ready for the market, in a prime example of the kind of teamwork and commitment that is to be found throughout the DMK Group, day in, day out.

Insa Cordes Marketing Specialist NORLAC GmbH, Zeven
Product: The new ASS Trigosal is expectorant and helps calves to make it through the winter months without catching colds.

Sustainability instead of palm oil

Sustainability instead of palm oil That is also evident in the DP Supply part of the business. The growing popularity of vegan diets is one of the challenges for product development as they try to create foods without using animal products.

DP Supply also provides these customers with products that are dairy and allergen-free. One example of this is the processing of shea oil, which can be used instead of palm oil as it is more sustainable. Shea is won from nuts of the shea tree, which grows exclusively in West Africa.

DP Supply is a member of the Global Shea Alliance which not only ensures that local workers are paid fair wages but also monitors how the product is processed further, and ensure the highest quality standards are met. The oil is used to make products such as powdered fat, (whole) milk powder and milk foam substitute. That’s how DP Supply demonstrates to customers that there are sustainable alternatives to palm oil. Insa Cordes Marketing Specialist NORLAC Zeven Product: The new ASS Trigosal is expectorant and helps calves to make it through the winter months without catching colds


Short routes, high value product

As the fourth part of the business, wheyco completes the Industry Business Unit. Every day, two plants churn out high-value products for food, sports nutrition, baby food and for animal feed, from up to eight million liters of whey. That makes wheyco one of the largest whey refiners in the world. Wheyco also profits from its location. “Both our plant in Altentreptow and the plant in Hoogeveen are right next to the cheese factory and that’s where they draw most of their whey from – they’re connected to it by pipelines,” says Martin Humfeldt, one of wheyco’s managing directors. “That means we can process the whey when it is extremely fresh, so that the quality of our products is particularly high.”

The start of the year saw the completion of the transfer of Dutch whey protein producer DV Nutrition (DVN) to the DMK Group. Within the business unit it is now managed by wheyco. “Global demand for high-quality whey derivatives continues to grow,” says Alexander Bayer, also a wheyco managing director. “With the acquisition of DVN, we have doubled our product volumes to become one of the largest suppliers of whey derivatives in the world.”

Jörg Beckmann (l) Supply Chain Planner Fresh products /Butter, Bremen Bernd Rauschenberger (r) Team Coordinator Supply Chain Management Cheese,
Bremen Product: Our numerous fresh products range from quark to yoghurt and cream. We supply these to our customers who provide baked goods and these are exactly the ingredients they need for their cakes and pastries

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