Training during the corona era

DMK breaks new ground with 74 new trainees

As the largest milk-processing company in Germany, training plays a central role for the DMK Group. After all, in order to be able to master the variety of complex product flows, know-how in the most diverse areas is crucial. As there is currently a shortage of skilled workers, the company also relies on building the next generation from within the company. The total of 18 training occupations range from milk technologists to mechatronics technicians and IT specialists as far as industrial clerks. But while the start-up days had previously been used to begin a career mainly through personal contact, a new approach was now needed. 

"This year, we have completely digitalised the start-up event for our trainees and realised it with Microsoft teams. Especially in this unusual year, we want to show our new colleagues that in a group like the DMK Group, every individual counts," emphasises Ines Krummacker, CHRO of the DMK Group. “It is important for career starters to make a recognisable contribution to the company with their work. That's why we want to show them right at the start of their professional lives that we support this commitment in a targeted manner and encourage each individual to do so. Instead of creating a stopgap solution, we took advantage of our newly gained flexibility through digital tools.” 

New tools as an opportunity
As a result of the new situation created by Corona, the DMK Group now relies on the consistent use of video conferencing and real-time communication. To this end, all career starters in the administration department were given notebooks to enable them to work flexibly in the current situation. Computer workstations were also set up at the production sites in order to make the new communication possibilities accessible to all trainees. This is because 85 percent of the new trainees there work in nutrition and technical professions without a PC workstation. In addition, measures were developed to address the uncertainties about how the training courses will proceed due to the pandemic. Plans have already been drawn up to ensure that the training will run smoothly even if the vocational school is cancelled. The DMK Group supports the trainees in creating the perfect conditions and scope for continuous learning. For this purpose, individual solutions were created that meet the needs of the different job profiles. The importance of this topic within the DMK Group is already evident from the large number of excellent examination results.

“In the current climate, it is becoming increasingly important to offer high-quality training and good working conditions. Because the lack of skilled workers is also making itself felt in our company and is being exacerbated by corona,” explains Ines Krummacker. “We have therefore already strengthened our digital channels in our search for new trainees and have thus been able to continue to inspire many career starters to train with the DMK Group.”