Nienke Beverdam - Facility Management, DOC Kaas, The Netherlands

Nienke Beverdam works at Facility Management for DOC Kaas in the Netherlands

“I’m responsible for Facility Management, including cleaning and managing our stocks of disinfectants, disposable jackets and soap. Working from home took some getting used to. I have a laptop, my work phone transfers calls to my own phone and everything is working out perfectly. But we have two kids, age three and five, who couldn’t go to school or day care. At that age, you can’t just say, “go off and play,” so my husband and I take turns taking care of them. Of course, the phone rings when I’m downstairs with the children, and sometimes one of the kids cries while I’m talking. Everyone has been very understanding, though, because that’s just how it is sometimes. Luckily I can work remotely and manage everything within my working hours, and get all my tasks done.”


Nienke Beverdam

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