Hanneke Ensink

2020 was an unusual year for Hanneke Ensink. She sold her house in February 2019, and since then she has been living with her parents again. Her verdict: “Working from home is fine. I hope it continues!”

2020 was rather turbulent for all of us, it was also exciting for Hanneke Ensink.

The Plant Controller at DOC Kaas sold her house in February 2019, one year before the pandemic broke out. Then she moved back to her parents’ farm. Her sister, brother-in-law and her two nephews, one of whom suffers from a heart defect, also live there. Hanneke Ensink took special care not to endanger him and her parents during this time.


She continues to live on her family’s farm at present. They are all doing well today and she looks forward to the hot and fragrant meal on her parents’ table every evening, she says with a laugh. She has now bought a new house that she is renovating– maybe she can move in for Christmas. Nevertheless she will miss living with her family.


Professionally, the Dutchwoman has come to terms with the situation: “For a while I was working at the office two days and from home three days a week. I tried to take part in as many meetings as possible at the office, though it wasn’t easy, as we couldn’t all sit in one room at the same time. The meetings via Microsoft Teams are nevertheless getting more efficient, even though the face-to-face fine-tuning of the details still works a bit better.”


Hanneke is now working entirely from home again. She will continue to be able to do so on certain days in the future – maybe her new house is also completely renovated by then. Only the organisation of her activities could change somewhat as a result, but she is fine with that.


Hanneke Ensink already reported on her everyday work at the beginning of the Corona crisis.


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