Dennis Schierenbeck - IT-Specialist

In record time, IT expert Dennis Schierenbeck and his team have equipped DMK for digital work. He finds that his colleagues are still holding the course and collaborating as closely as ever – even after six months spent working from home.

Six months after the pandemic broke out, how are you doing?

My family and I have come through the pandemic well so far, but in both my private and professional life I do miss the direct exchange with friends and colleagues.

And with the IT, how are things going for teleworking these days?

Very well! I think we were actually able to implement quite well all the requirements that resulted from the “new work". This was also reflected back to us by some colleagues. Introducing Microsoft Teams in particular has contributed to successful teleworking.

Could all the technical requirements be met?

Following up on some ad hoc measures at the start of the pandemic, we have been busy integrating these innovations fully into our IT landscape.

Are you back at work in the office?

No. Except for a very few on-site appointments, I continue to work in my home office.

What has changed for you or for the company?

The balance between family life and work has continued to develop positively.

I have the impression that we in the company are working even better together (“working on the same line") to get through this period so well.

Dennis Schierenbeck already reported on his everyday work at the beginning of the Corona crisis.

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