Alberta Bruno – Sales Department - National Account Manager – Italy

Smart Work: Alberta Bruno explains how this new model for work has a positive effect on work-life balance and productivity. This national account manager sees every crisis as an opportunity to rethink old habits.

How are you six months after the pandemic broke out?

I feel very good!

I’m aware that the impacts of the COVID-19 outbreak, physical distancing and isolation could have made us fall anxious, stressed and worried. Yet I was lucky because I didn't have to face any disease among family members or friends, I kept on working with the same motivation as ever. I was able to successfully manage the new work and family environment (100% home working, distance education of my kids, social distancing).

I’ve been keeping on “seeing the glass half full” and I’ve rediscovered the joy of simple little things, all the things we take for granted every day.

How do you work today?

Actually I’m doing a mix between smart working and working from office, in compliance with corporate policies.

Starting from June 2020 it was possible to go to the office a few days a week if necessary and on voluntary basis, while maintaining smart working. Everything has been done in compliance with national regulations and post lockdown company policies. Now we are approaching what we can define as phase 3: from October 5th to 31st we will gradually regain a greater on-site presence, and our headquarters will be open again from Monday to Friday.

Did you put your personal items back in your office?

After august summer vacation, while gradually restarting to go back to the office I started to put my personal items back to office.

What was it going well in the home office and what not?

Crisis often does one thing very effectively: it forces us to revisit the ways we do things.

Homeworking has been the big growth area in the pandemic. The COVID-19 outbreak has definitely provided the opportunity to imagine a different way of working.

Smart working isn’t simply a tool to improve work life balance. Employees save time, money and there’s a positive effect on the environment too.

Nevertheless, in this 6 months I experienced pros and cons in homeworking and smart working:


What is going well:

  • Improvement of work-life balance
  • Increase in productivity and effectiveness
  • Deep work (easier focus on demanding task with no distraction)
  • Challenge to increase communication skills
  • More control over my time schedule and working environment

What not?

  • I am exceeding in screen time - more sedentary workstyle - I’ve gained weight (it’s easier to get snacks while working from home)
  • No social work life – Less team interaction
  • HOME WIFI (there were four of us using home wifi at the same time (2 in home office + two kids in distance education)

Alberta Bruno already reported on her everyday work at the beginning of the Corona crisis.

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