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Hauke Kramer

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At the second largest DMK location in Edewecht, Hauke Kramer is standing in front of one of the huge milk collection trucks. He checks that everything is in order. Order is particularly important to the fleet team coordinator at this time. "We have taken up the Corona challenge,” he says. “Each of us meticulously observes the hygiene guidelines. Naturally, we also make sure that we don't get too close to each other."

Fortunately, the additional hygiene regulations have not led to significant extra work. Everything is running smoothly, confirms the team coordinator. The milk collection trucks are still operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week. One thing, though, does strike Hauke Kramer. “The crisis has greatly strengthened the cohesion in our milk collection," he says. "Right now everyone is trying to support everyone else as best they can. If there’s a problem, several colleagues show up right away.” He laughs: “Observing the social distancing rules, of course!"

“The crisis has greatly strengthened the cohesion in our milk collection."

Hauke Kramer

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