Welcome to our digital trade fair stand

All events involving the public are canceled until autumn, but there are other ways to present new products and innovations

We’ve learned a new way of working in this crisis, taking a decentralized approach and using digital tools and communication systems. Suddenly, conferences are taking place using Zoom and teachers are organizing WhatsApp groups to communicate with school students. Some things, however, require a great deal of imagination if they are to work out without personal interaction, and trade fairs are among them. Trade fairs rely on people coming into contact with each other and with products. Buyers are out looking around for new ideas and want to touch, taste and try out things. How can that work in the digital world?

It does work, even if it’s less immediate than at trade fairs and involves a few additional steps. MILRAM Food Service developed a digital trade fair stand that proves that good ideas always find a way. It provides an overview of innovations and users click in order to move through the stand’s different areas. Our star chef and brand ambassador Heiko Antoniewicz created an entire menu based on porridge, for example, and presents it at our digital trade fair stand in a video. Users can then click to download the recipe as a PDF. He also provides information about the world’s best sour cream. And there’s more to discover about a new innovative base for milkshakes so that they can be made without ice cream. Information is available about the new Gourmet Stations too, where people can assemble their own individual snacks without needing staff on hand to help. Guests – well, users – choose from a range of basic desserts, adding fruit, compote and other toppings to create their own personal dream dessert. Our trend app, also presented at the virtual stand, allows anyone who’s interested to join our community just by registering. That way, no one needs to miss out on any of the latest trends in the catering world. The app can be downloaded for iPhones from the Apple App Store or from the Google Playstore for androids. Our brochures present all our products and offer creative ideas about what can be done in the kitchen. So for now, rather than planning for packed trade fair halls, people are thinking up virtual events as companies seek to show their skills in the digital world.

If you’re asking us, we think creative ideas are the best recipe for dealing with the crisis. milram-food-service.de/ aktuelles/ digitaler-messe-stand.html


Our digital trade fair stand recreates the real thing

Mr. Bischoff, how has the Senior Fairs & Events Manager. pandemic affected trade fairs?

“We’re experiencing a situation that we have never seen before in the events business, and our business partners and service providers are facing extreme challenges. Almost all trade fairs have been canceled since the beginning of March and it is not likely to get any easier this year. But trade fairs were and remain an important way of communicating with people, particularly for the personal contacts and the chance to meet face to face. That isn’t happening at the moment. But this is forcing people to find new, digital solutions and these offer opportunities too, such as doing more to develop virtual trade fairs. In the future I think these will be an extension of regular trade fairs, providing something in addition on top, rather than an either-or situation. I’m sure that in the time after the coronavirus, we’ll see trade fairs packed full of people again, and we’re planning full speed ahead for 2021. We’ve got lots of ideas on the go and are feeling positive as we look ahead at next year’s trade fairs.”

Sascha Bischoff: Senior Fairs & Events Manager