TIGER - continuous improvement

Vision 2030 will ensure DMK succeeds in the future. And in order for it to become reality, every single person at DMK needs to be prepared to improve a little bit every day. The company is now committed to very clear values

It is up to us at DMK to fill Vision 2030 with life and to make it become reality. Within ourselves, we already have everything we need in order to do so. Our success is based on everyone being prepared to continually improve their work. Imagine us like a tiger: powerful, agile and hungry to achieve our goals.

Continuous Improvement (or „TIGER“) is not a program with a clearly-defined beginning or end. As the name suggests, it will constantly accompany us in our work towards 2030. We will see the TIGER in many places in the future in order to help keep us motivated to think outside the box, improve processes and show each other our appreciation for what we are doing. The best example of this is right here in your hands: this MILCHWELT shows the many ways in which DMK is succeeding despite the coronavirus, thanks to the efforts of our employees. Despite difficult circumstances, we have managed to do our best for our customers, farmers and ourselves. “With our team spirit and our knowledge, we have proved what we are capable of,” says Matthias Schrader, who leads the Continuous Improvement program. “We need to maintain this appetite. Stay hungry!”

In order to strengthen this spirit and hold onto this sense of optimism for the future, we have identified six areas that we want to continually and steadily improve.

Because just being good is no longer good enough for us.



  • igh End – We deliver the best quality: Our top priority is food safety and the quality of our products. This is the right and only way we can fulfill our customers’ wishes. Every one of us plays a role in this and takes responsibility in their area of work. Together, we stand for high-end products. 
  • nderstanding safety. A secure and safe workplace is our goal: The health of our employees is a critical part of our success as a business. We are continuously improving our working environment and actively support occupational safety at DMK. We can only succeed if we work safely.
  • ature Sustainability and environmental protection are important to us: We are responsible in our use of natural resources and are reducing our emissions. We are steadily improving DMK’s environmental performance and energy efficiency. Nature is close to our hearts.
  • etting a handle on costs. Within cost management, protecting resources shapes what we do: We use resources responsibly, from the money of our owners to the time of our employees to the raw materials provided by our farmers. Within our cost management, every single one of us is hungry to ensure that resources are used wisely for all.
  • ight – We are now planning perfect value chains: Planning ahead is the key to customer satisfaction and for creating value in the use of our raw materials. That means we need employees to coordinate at every stage from the initial customer query right up to the final delivery. At all times, we stand ready to do so, throughout the whole company.
  • eah! – We have fun and enjoy what we do: Our employees are the true experts at DMK. Their ideas are the foundation of our company and guide our way to future success. We are building a culture of personal responsibility that is shaped by appreciation. Everyone enjoys what they do.