The secret of success is trust

The more a team knows about a company’s strategy and tactics, the better it can perform

We already know how crucial it is for a football team that everyone on the pitch has the same tactics in mind, rather than every player pursuing their own goal. Effective communication is needed about targets, strategies and tactics for this to work out. Another key prerequisite is preparing to meet your rival and that’s becoming increasingly important. One standard part of match preparation, as practiced by our manager Florian Kohfeldt, is making sure there’s maximum transparency when it comes to all the relevant information. Collectively and individually, the team is prepared to meet its next opponent. This includes analysis, performance data and statistics from past games about the team we’re playing against, concerning mileage (distance and sprints), the players’ strength in duels, passes completed, packing or expected goals and effectiveness. The players are given all this information in team meetings, video analysis or individual apps. The goal behind all this is to make sure that the players are as well-prepared as possible for the next game! Transparency also plays an increasingly important role for companies.

One exciting tool is scoreboard management, a way of visualizing key company figures or the progress made on a particular project. That helps employees or the team involved see the current score, and bear the shared goals in mind! The tool can help support smaller goals, such as making meetings more effective, or a continuing project, until a company’s financial figures become wholly transparent. This approach requires managers to place a lot of trust in their employees. If the process works, it offers major opportunities, because if everyone in a company is armed with plenty of knowledge and clarity about goals, challenges, problems and also successes, that can power employee motivation and company culture! In a game of football, after all, every player can look at the scoreboard at any point during the game to see the state of play!

„Transparency also plays an increasingly important role for companies.“