Modern World of Work

DMK’s future headquarters in Bremen reflects the new way we are working together. It is more energy efficient and more environmentally friendly.

The days when work was all about long corridors and individual offces will soon be over. DMK is renting a new offce on Airbus-Allee in Bremen which sees a move away from separate working practices and towards greater personal exchange. Everything will be more inviting, more communal, fresher and entirely different from the current building. “Looking at the condition the old building was in, we decided to consider all the options. Ultimately, there were a lot of reasons to move away from Flughafenallee. In the new building, we will be more economical and we can adjust our working environment,” says Carsten Klapproth, Director of Global Business Services. After all, new ways of working require new work spaces. Huge changes are in store for employees. The new world of work requires adaptation, from the desks where people sit to areas for networking and spontaneous encounters: All had to be adjusted to move with the times, along with meeting, project and quiet spaces. “Fixed workplaces as we had in the past, where people had their nameplate on the door – we won’t be seeing that kind of thing in the future,” says Lydia Heckmann, an architect at DMK. “We know it will be an adjustment and that it will be easier for some, while it could be a little more diffcult for others. But after the move, we will be able to work together better and more productively than before.”

more productively than before.”

Die Homebase ist ein Büroabschnitt, der einem Fachbereich oder einer Business Unit zugeordnet ist. Dort finden sich die Teams zusammen und Mitarbeiter suchen sich einen 1 Arbeitsplatz aus, der zu ihren aktuellen Aufgaben passt. Die Rückzugsräume 2 sind für Konzentrationsphasen gestaltet. Sie können auch für spontane Meetings genutzt werden. Im Drucker-Raum 3 stehen Schließfächer für jeden Mitarbeiter bereit, die für Büromaterialien und persönliche Dinge gedacht sind.

Ahead of the move, some people began trying out “desk sharing” and “clean desk” policies that will later be part of everyday life. That means for example that employees will share a workstation so will take any personal belongings with them before heading home. “It’s bound to be a bit uneven at the beginning but we’re practicing hard,” says HR manager Vivien Bellmann. A further benefit is that DMK will not have to carry out lengthy and costly refurbishment to fix the old building’s considerable problems, but can sublet the new building in a more flexible model. The new twelve-story building has lower operating costs so is more efficient in business terms. It is also more modern and sustainable, with a combined heat and photovoltaic system for a cleaner power supply. Meanwhile the courtyard and the green roof have a cooling eddect amid the city climate. The move is planned for the fall of 2023.

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