Full of Energy for DMK

The Energy Management team is making an important contribution to the DMK Group’s 2030 climate goal. However, they face complex challenges that are constantly changing.

DMK is about more than milk and dairy products. The Target Image 2030 also emphasizes responsibility for people and the environment and a commitment to ecological sustainability. Energy Management plays a key role in this. Klaus Landwehr, Head of Energy Management, and his team are working on further developing DMK as a company that’s modern and energy efficient. “We communicate a lot with experts, authorities, certification institutes, research organizations and interest groups and ensure there’s an optimum transfer of knowledge to those responsible in our plants,” says Landwehr. “Our aim is to help make sure our sites receive a secure and sustainable energy supply.” That commitment is paying off. DMK has already received several awards for its sustainability projects, including in the Energy Efficiency category at the German Awards for Excellence. The energy management specialists’ work has concrete effects on everyday life at DMK. Whether it’s applying for a subsidy, the annual report, or contributing to a decision about a possible investment, the energy team gathers the relevant data, provides background information and prepares documents and reports. For the team members, day-to-day work is mainly focused on four core topics:


  • Supporting and advising management on shaping DMK’s sustainability strategy,
  • implementing and maintaining energy management certification in accordance with DIN EN ISO 50001 (see above),
  • advising and supporting those responsible at the plants on energy management and energy law, and
  • ensuring the DMK Group complies with all its energy-related obligations.


That requires close coordination with all parts of the company, which is a major challenge but also the most interesting part of the team’s daily work. “We are the central point of contact for all issues relating to energy,” says Landwehr. “Together, we can make an important contribution to increasing energy efficiency at DMK.” A true team effort!


Klaus Landwehr

Head of Energy Management.

Christine Fischer

Expert Energy Management.

Claudia Scheil

Expert Energy Management.

Torben Hinck

Expert Energy Management.

CO2 Strategy

In the future, the DMK Group aims to reduce carbon emissions at the production sites by 42,000 tons. That will involve further reducing the use of fossil fuels and greater use of renewable energy sources. Energy Management develops methods and measures to help achieve these ambitious climate targets



The DIN EN ISO 50001 norm supports companies in developing and maintaining a certified energy management system in line with international standards, and is a prerequisite for energy and tax privileges for DMK. The standard is driving annual savings of approx. 25 million kilowatt hours of energy at the DMK Group.


EEG & Taxes

As an energy-intensive company, DMK is entitled to exemption from the EEG surcharge and relief from electricity and energy tax. Energy Management manages the application and verification process.