Annual and Sustainability Report 2020

The DMK Group is changing and is also breaking new ground in terms of communication as part of its Vision 2030. The company's new digital Annual and Sustainability Report, which is presented in the style of an audio book and takes the listener on a journey through the 2020 business year, shows that this is not just an empty phrase.

From the fixed idea to implementation
In a year marked by the corona pandemic, many things that previously seemed self-evident were suddenly no longer possible. Whether in the private or professional sphere - people had to adapt quickly to new things, habits changed. A good example of this is the increased use of audio formats, which have become a real trend medium in 2020 with reduced contact and leisure offerings. 

"When we were faced with the question of how to approach our Annual and Sustainability Report for 2020 at the beginning of the year, we thought about how we could also reach new target groups more appropriately with the important topics from our company. A report like this quickly has something "dusty" about it and you think of a construct made of facts and figures," says Oliver Bartelt, Head of Communications at DMK Group. “Knowing that a third of the German population now regularly listens to podcasts or audio books and that we have already had positive initial experience with these formats via our own podcast ‘Denkfutter’, we had the idea of applying the approach to the report as well.” 

What started as just an idea took shape step by step. Together with the digital agency deepblue networks, the company implemented its vision of an innovative audio report. With many ideas and a creative team, a completely new format was created that no longer has much in common with conventional reports in terms of appearance, but in no way loses any of its depth of content. 

"We are pleased that with DMK we have a customer at our side who also thinks "outside the box" and has the courage to break new ground. We really enjoyed taking an existing format to a whole new level," says Oliver Drost, CCO at deepblue networks.

Entitled "Together Makes History", the interactive report impresses with an illustratively appealing thematic stage on which those interested can listen to the year 2020 as an audio book. From there, they can jump to one of four main chapters, each of which contains more in-depth information on the individual topics. Here, classic text passages are combined with audio elements such as interviews. So if you prefer to read rather than listen, you can find all the information you need.

No half measures
To fully reflect the fresh and contemporary approach, the team enlisted design support from Simon Prades, a renowned German graphic artist whose work impresses around the world. The audio book was read by Marion von Stengel, a well-known (dubbing) narrator from cinema, TV and radio.

In keeping with the approach of an audio book, in addition to its "home base" at www.dmk.de, the report can also be found on spotify and YouTube.