Luisa Wagner

Even during the coronavirus pandemic, Luisa Wagner’s door has remained open to interested visitors. This young farmer wants to encourage a positive impression of agriculture through her transparency and openness.

We are still doing well and hope that everyone stays healthy. The situation is certainly not pleasant for anyone, and in many ways it’s very stressful, but we are making the best of it.

I have successfully completed my training as an agricultural business economist and am now once again fully present in our company, which we will run as a GbR from this summer on.


The image of agriculture has not changed much in my opinion, but we are always happy to receive farm visits from young and old people from the area. We often notice a great interest in agriculture and the desire to learn more. Enthusiastic children who come regularly to look at and pet the calves and cows show us how important it is not to hold back the true picture of agriculture from society. Negative reports in the media should always be questioned. In my view, everyone should form their own opinion, preferably directly where the farmer is at work.


The personal relationship between farmers and consumers will become more important in the future, as many people do want to know where their food actually comes from and, above all, how the animals are being treated. For that reason you should always keep your doors open for curious and interested visitors and be prepared to reflect a positive image of agriculture to the outside world.


In the past months more and more people have taken the time to search for answers to questions on the topic of food. This was certainly a chance for many farms to improve the image of agriculture. We still hope, nonetheless, that things will get even better in the future.



Luisa Wagner already reported on her everyday working life at the beginning of the Corona crisis.

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