How myMilk.de helps farmers and the dairy work better together

Users say the digital service platform serves a critical function and offers real advantages in their daily work.

DMK launched a digital transformation process in Agriculture around two years ago to simplify and improve the way the dairy works with farmers. It created myMilk.de, an online service platform that brings the benefits of digitization to the farms and the company alike. While it was new and unfamiliar at the beginning of 2020, the platform is now integrated into the daily activities of farmers and dairies nationwide. A range of digital solutions make everyday work easier: Farmers can easily access and use the DMK Milkmaster bonus program on myMilk.de.


Users can enter all the material they need for a bonus online, meaning that Milkmaster audits of farms are no longer needed. Instead, farmers can provide data about the quality of their milk or look at key documents with just a few clicks. There is also a news section that delivers regular updates about company developments. Meanwhile myMilk.de is constantly being updated to make the latest innovations available to users. DMK launched a user survey to assess the progress achieved and find out how far the platform is providing digital solutions that meet farmers’ daily needs. Some 630 DMK farms took part, sharing information about which areas of myMilk.de are particularly important to them and describing how the platform could be optimized to suit their interests even better. The survey showed that myMilk.de and digital working processes are now an integral part of farmers’ everyday lives. Some 73 percent of respondents said they use the platform several times a week, while 23 percent use it daily. Most use the platform to access data, use the Milkmaster program and read the news section

  • 73 % of respondents use the platform several times a week
  • 92 % of respondents are satisfied or very satisfied with the platform.
  • 23 % of respondents use myMilk.de on a daily basis.

“Everything is very clear and easy to understand. I am satis ed with the platform.”

Sylvia Kleibaumhüter from Rietberg

DMK and the myMilk team were very pleased with the survey results overall, with around 92 percent of respondents saying they are satisfied or very satisfied with the tool. Mobile working is also important for farming and 32 percent of respondents said they use the platform on a mobile device. Now, the company is developing an app to make it even easier to use in future, with faster navigation and notifications available. DMK operations are to be able to use the app starting this summer. Further important innovations are set to follow throughout the year, including that contracting for the value-added programs will go entirely digital on myMilk.de.

Project manager Volker Sauerburger welcomed the feedback on myMilk.de:


The results confirm our decision to take the digital route with myMilk.de in working with our farmers. We are very pleased that so many users make such extensive use of the platform and see that it provides a clear added value for them. We are now looking into the results in greater detail so we can further improve the platform in line with our users’ needs and will continue to seek their feedback in future. We will work on improving myMilk.de through surveys but also through talking directly with farmers. We are creating a myMilk user group where farmers and DMK employees can discuss the platform, develop new ideas and test some of the functions together regularly. That will ensure that everyone’s needs and views are always taken into account and the platform never slows down.

“I like the fact that the start page can be structured easily, in line with my own needs.”

Ulrich Jerebic from Northeim


Facts and Figures

  • Launched in January 2020
  • More than 5,000 registered users
  • 4,185 people joined the Milkmaster program in 2021
  • Up to 31,000 data retrievals every month
  • Central communication interface between members and dairy
  • Around 230 messages in the news section
  • Continuous development with new services being launched

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