“Understanding each other better”

Philipp Kowolik, a member of the Deutsches Milchkontor supervisory board, runs a farm with 45 employees and reports back on his visit to the dairy in Altentreptow

For us, it is really important to keep looking beyond our horizons, so we enabled our employees to get a glimpse of what happens to our milk further along in the production process. We were really impressed by the warm, hearty welcome we received at the Altentreptow facility, which made us feel important and that our work is valued.

We were also impressed by the professional way work is structured there, and how clean everything was. On the tour, one group started at the milk reception point while another went to where goods leave the site. Both groups were able to see the whole process, from milk to cheese and vice versa. We realized that here, just like on the farm, everything has to work like clockwork. For us on the farms, we can only make sure the milk price covers our costs by working with great people who love their profession and also by using modern technology.

Many of us weren‘t familiar with the way the milk is processed after it leaves the farm. All were able to learn how complicated it is to produce aseptic milk with a low cell count. We all realized the responsibility that farmers and dairy farmers have, for their region and for each other. These professions, and their future, are more closely interconnected than many had initially realized. Only if each and every one of us does their job well can we offer consumers high quality products which have a low impact on the environment.

Visit to the dairy in Altentreptow

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