This cow has won over all of Bremen

Bremen caught its first glimpse of Bremerland, and a cow wearing sunglasses, in March. The product has been winning more and more fans ever since

“Moin Bremen,” a friendly northern German way of saying hello, greets travelers passing through Bremen’s train sta - tion, courtesy of the Bremerland cow. Large advertisements throughout the city echo that greeting and it has embla - zoned buses since June too. “This is my home,“ says the cow of Bremen’s farms where the milk comes from. Fresh and local with barely any food miles, the people of Bremen are delighted with Bremerland and have welcomed the milk and the cow into their hearts. True love never dies!

Nobody can escape those eyes: The Bremerland cow gazes down on passengers as they pass through Bremen’s main train station. The cow’s greeting in the advert, “Moin Bremen,” is a friendly northern German way of saying hello that has gone down a treat. Ingo Müller, CEO of the DMK Group: “Right from the start, retailers and shoppers were delighted with this great region- al project. Now, our “genuine fresh milk from Bremen” is available at almost every shop in the whole city.”

Comments on our Social Media accounts:

“Great to see you back! I want the yoghurt again too. It was the best, I haven’t found an alternative since.”

”We are delighted that good old Bremerland milk is back again. It tastes sooooo yummy!”

“We want to support you, so we only buy your milk.”

“Wonderful that this childhood brand is back! If the gold yoghurt comes back too, it would be perfect.”

”My son loves the adverts with the cow wearing sunglasses. Every morning we drove past a poster on the way to his creche, but unfortunately the ad isn’t there anymore. Might you have a copy of the poster that I could buy to hang up in his room?”

The success of the Bremerland relaunch was a big hit in the media, too.

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