Setting a good example

Many farmers are finding their own ways to show the public how they work. One of them is DMK-farmer Matthias Schulte-Althoff from Haltern am See.

No false modesty!

Farmer Matthias Schulte-Althoff was happy to open his gates to journalists. A young farmer, he’s making contacts, organizing events and making himself available – and his efforts are building trust between the media and agriculture as each comes to respect the other. “We dairy farmers need to be prepared to show our operations and answer questions,” he says, adding that dairy farmers have the power to create a positive image. Journalists need firsthand information in order to report about a situation, he says, which is why he regularly offers to show journalists around his farm, and allows trainees to use his operation for research exercises.

DMK farmer Matthias Schulte-Althoff from Haltern am See.

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