New Normi calves milk: Modern feed makes for healthy growth

Normi’s new FIRST CLASS calves milk provides almost as much nutrition as whole milk powder – benefiting animals and farmers alike

Modern calf-rearing focuses on the animal’s needs as only by meeting these can a healthy calf grow into a productive dairy cow. So NORLAC spent the last three years developing a milk substitute that’s almost as nutritious as whole milk powder. They created NORMI calf milk FIRST CLASS and it has some impressive properties, starting with more milk protein.

With a high-quality skimmed milk content of 55 percent, supplemented with special whey protein concentrates, the milk protein content is 25 percent. That combination ensures optimal nutrient absorption and means it’s easily digestible. Secondly , homogenized 25 percent fat content is significantly higher than in previous products. FIRST CLASS disproves the old belief that calf milk cannot contain high fat levels. When the calf sucks the milk, saliva forms – a little like foam. This saliva flow is important as it contains an enzyme that aids fat digestion, so calves don’t have digestion troubles even with the higher fat content, as they are able to digest it. The fat is not only a natural source of energy but also supports cell growth and hormone balance.

Ideally, feed using a firm teat – it may take longer, but is better for the ani-mal’s health and development. Tests showed consistent improvement in terms of daily weight gain and resil-ience. And the product is also easy to use: NORMI FIRST CLASS calf milk can be stirred up even at low temperatures, making it easy for all feeding methods.


NORMI calves milk FIRST CLASS helps healthy calves become productive dairy cows. It is uncomplicated to use and is suitable for all feeding methods.

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