DMK 2020: Society

We take particular responsibility for the regions in which we operate. As a regional company and important employer, the DMK Group has strong connections with society. DMK takes corporate responsibility in accordance with social expectations and developments. For this purpose, we are intensifying our dialogue with stakeholder groups and providing support for selected research projects of the dairy industry in Germany and internationally. Fostering engagement at the sites and and our employees' commitment to social projects is an additional concern of ours. 

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Field of action: Dialogue

DMK feels committed to its stakeholders. This includes regular dialogue with a wide range of stakeholder groups and the interested public as well as participation in social debates. We have defined eight groups with which we conduct particularly intensive dialogue. DMK holds regular "DMK Vor Ort" ("DMK on site") events and district assemblies to provide information and discussion about relevant topics. The annual stakeholder survey helps in capturing concerns and moods for the further implementation of sustainability management.

DMK represents the joint interests of the company and the dairy farmers towards the agricultural industry, for example through the German cooperative dairy industry interest group, known for short as IG milk. With its formation in the spring of 2017, a platform was created which mainly discusses cooperatives' interests and develops strategic developments from the debates.

Field of action: regional value added

Regional roots play an important role at more than 20 sites where DMK manufactures its products and in the eight large dairy farming regions. As a company, DMK is an important player in these mostly rural areas. The dairy farmers form a central part of rural communities and help to shape them actively. In the future, DMK would like to identify examples of concrete contributions that the company and the dairy farmers make to the regions, taking regional value added statements as a basis.


Because DMK makes a profit from society, we also want to give something back - particularly in the regions in which we operate. These encompass the regions where more than 20 sites are based as well as those of our farmers. The "Freiwillig und unbezahlbar" ("voluntary and beyond price") campaign, for example, supports employees in their voluntary commitments. Most recently, this included support for an employee who has espoused the cause of helping seriously ill people. She does voluntary work for a hospice which has invested the donation in employee training. Another employee works on behalf of under-age refugees and supports them, with his association, as a mentor.



Our Scholarship Programme
Communicating the importance of agriculture

As a focal point in our dairy competence field of action, the Scholarship Programme aims to promote networking and the exchange of knowledge in the international market. The six-month programme is directed towards non-German students. At the beginning of 2014, four Russian agricultural science students worked on DMK dairy farms and also familiarised themselves with the production and management processes at the factories. The programme continued in 2015 with four students from Russia and Spain.

A continuation of the programme is currently under review. At present, one student from Mauritius has held a scholarship since September 2015 in cooperation with the Jacobs University Bremen. He completed an internship with DMK in the summer of 2016.

The origin and the production process of food are becoming increasingly a focus of attention. Retailers and consumers are increasingly also scrutinising the origin of raw milk and want to know under what conditions the milk is produced. The state dairy industry associations are some of the stakeholders who create transparency and are committed to improving the image of the dairy industry among the general public. The milk producers co-finance the state associations by making a contribution. One example is a project of the state dairy industry association in Lower Saxony, which counts DMK among its members. The project "My KuhTube" wants to give consumers and interested parties an insight into everyday life at a farm and make agriculture transparent. The videos of farmers from the region can be seen on YouTube, Facebook and at www.mykuhtube.de/my-kuhtube/. Several DMK farmers also show their farms and their day-to-day work via "My KuhTube".