Guaranteed quality. Guaranteed safety.

We do not compromise on our quality and safety standards. Because this is an important reason for the popularity of our products and our international success. We are not only committed to consumers and their quality expectations in this regard, but also to our customers in retailing and the food manufacturing industry.

We guarantee end-to-end quality assurance from the farm to the chilled cabinet, careful raw milk control, regular supplier selection, innovative production methods and state-of-the-art laboratories.

Quality assurance means meticulous handling of raw ingredients and machinery, and concerns hygiene standards not only during production but also in the whole of the downstream packaging and transport process. To ensure this quality along the entire value chain,

  • we select our suppliers carefully in accordance with pre-defined criteria
  • we test the quality of the raw milk at every step – on the farm, at the milk collection vehicle and before processing
  • we lab-test all raw materials, ingredients, packaging materials and end products
  • we monitor and continuously improve quality standards and product safety
  • we use state-of-the-art technical methods and processes
  • we comply with regulations and frameworks and set ourselves the highest standards


Your trust in our products is the key to our success.

Milk is one of the most valuable natural products there is, and at the same time one of the most complex raw materials. It is indispensable for healthy nutrition in the form of milk drinks, cheese, yoghurt or curd. And its high-quality component parts also supply important raw ingredients for a wealth of other dairy products and foods.

The quality of our products is impressive: not only to our customers and consumers, but to independent experts as well.

But being "good" is not enough for us. Our highest aspiration is to keep on getting a little better. We do everything in our power to that end. That is our promise. Your suggestions and questions about our products’ quality and recipes are therefore important to us. Use our contact form or write to us at info@dmk.de.

Compliance with Regulatory Framework

This is how we refine milk. And set the highest standards in doing so.

Compliance with ethical principles, legal regulations and frameworks goes without saying at DMK. We process and refine raw milk using state-of-the-art technical methods and processes. We guarantee the highest standards in hygiene and employee health and safety. And at the same time, we are committed to protecting nature and the environment.

Our quality management system is based on DIN ISO 9001 specifications and complies with the rules of the International Food Standard (IFS) and the British Retailer Consortium (BRC).

We ensure our products' food safety with the goal of continuously improving the associated standards. This includes, for example, the legally prescribed HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) control system, a preventive management system for assessing the hazards and risks of processes and products.

The extensive certification of our factories enables us to meet the criteria for competing in the international arena. "Organic certification" in accordance with the EU Eco Regulationis available for specific customer requirements, and in accordance with QS for the sale of animal fodder (e.g. skimmed milk powder). Since 2006, we also hold the GMP certificate (a manufacturer's licence in accordance with the drugs legislation on food supplements). In addition, we can meet special dietary requirements, for example kosher and halal certification of dairy products.

The various standards complement one another in the effort to reach the common goal of ensuring the greatest possible product safety in the chain from the milk producer to the finished product. This is the only way we can be sure of impressing our customers day on day with constant and reliable quality at the highest level. That applies equally to end consumers and our retail partners - the large retail chains, for example, for which we are one of the most important suppliers.

Staff Qualification

Our employees guarantee maximum product safety. In every step of the production process.

High-grade quality and the conservation of nature are the foundations of our success. We measure our day-to-day actions by our customers' satisfaction and the highest level of safety for all products. And we are backed up by every single one of our employees. Successful in-house and external audits as well as awards prove with every year that passes that we live and breathe the principles of our quality policy on a daily basis. Performance-oriented and motivated employees secure our business success. Human resources management and employee development are important tools here in further expanding this success. The training and development of all employees in order to improve our work results constantly are particular goals of our quality policy. DMK also places a high priority on training new talents.

Because truly high-quality goods are only produced by carefully trained and experienced skilled workers. They enable us to guarantee end-to-end quality assurance from the farm to the chilled cabinet, careful selection and inspection of the raw ingredients, regular checks on our farms, innovative production methods and state-of-the-art laboratories.


Excellent quality.

In total, DMK received 252 DLG medals across all sites in 2018. The "DLG-prämiert" award is only given to foods that produce flawless results in sensory tests and meet the DLG's quality criteria particularly well. The DLG medals are among the leading quality marks in the national and international food industry.
In future, too, we see it as a central task to create the necessary tangible and human resources and organisational prerequisites to meet the high demands we have set ourselves with our modern quality management, so that we can satisfy the requirements of the market and our customers sustainably and successfully as a global company.