Gulfood 2017: DMK GROUP brands Oldenburger and Rose present attractive innovations

High-quality dairy products from Germany for Retail and Food Service

Bremen, January 2017. Germany's largest dairy cooperative, DMK GROUP, is to present promising new products from its export brands Oldenburger and Rose at this year's Gulfood in Dubai. Oldenburger has already become successfully established in the MENA states with its "high quality Made in Germany". Rose, the regional brand, showed very positive growth last year. This success is to be continued by the expanded portfolio. Visitors to Gulfood can assess both brands' quality products in the German Pavilion of Sheikh Saeed Hall and in Hall 1 at booth 159 from 26 February to 2 March.
Oldenburger introduces new cheese specialities for consumers

The Oldenburger brand is already one of the biggest-selling import brands for UHT milk and UHT cream in the MENA countries. One important reason is the high quality the brand represents. Michael Feller, DMK GROUP's Managing Director for Marketing/Sales, says: "All Oldenburger products are made in Germany from 100% pure, fresh cow's milk and packaged there. We don't offer any recombined products. Our customers appreciate that – both retail buyers and bulk consumers from the Food Service sector".

A further reason for the Oldenburger success is the attractive product range, to which new products are constantly added. These include, for example, the 200g packs of cheese slices, which are available in a number of varieties and are ideal for sandwiches, baking or as a snack. Cheese supports a healthy diet as a valuable source of proteins and calcium. Oldenburger grated cheese combines the values of health, taste and convenience. The different varieties have an authentic cheese flavour and perfect melting qualities. These versatile products are ideal for both hot and cold cuisine. Grated cheese is an indispensable ingredient for pizza or mac´n cheese or for adding a finishing touch to pastas or salads. The grated and sliced cheeses are available in many different sizes and varieties. Oldenburger offers cheeses such as Mozzarella, Cheddar, Emmental, Edam and Gouda in this portfolio.

Highlights of the Oldenburger range include strawberry, banana and chocolate flavoured milk drinks that epitomise healthy enjoyment and at the same time respond to the continuing to-go trend. The drinks are offered in a practical 200ml pack with straw and are ideal for on-the-go consumption. They are not only very popular with children, but also with young adults seeking a wide range of tastes. All the drinks are available for order now. Oldenburger also offers a mixed bundle containing every flavour.

Oldenburger will also present evaporated milk in the new, modern softpack with screw cap. "Evaporated milk is a key dairy product in the MENA countries," says Eusebio Gonzalez, Managing Director of DMK MENA. "It normally comes in tins, but the modern softpack offers a number of advantages in comparison: it is easier to pour and dispense the milk and is also reclosable. That makes the evaporated milk easy and convenient to use, whether in the home or for cafés, hotels and restaurants". The evaporated milk in the contemporary softpack is also now available to order.

In addition, Oldenburg now offers instant full cream milk powder in sachets for consumers and hotels, restaurants and catering trade. The powder is made from fresh milk and enriched with vitamins and comes in a selection ranging from 7g to 2.25kg packs.

Proven Oldenburger quality for professionals

The Oldenburger brand makes DMK GROUP a competent partner for international customers in both the B2C and Food Service sectors. The brand already enjoys a long tradition and popularity with Food Service. Oldenburger offers a broad range of products specifically designed for tea and coffee shops, bakeries and pizza restaurants, from UHT whipping cream and coffee cream to butter and a wide variety of cheeses in different formats. Oldenburger recently extended the UHT cream portfolio with a cooking cream and a culinary cream. The whipping cream is now also available in a 10kg bag-in-box system intended especially for bakeries. In the cheese segment, Oldenburger offers Mozzarella in 2.5kg and 10kg packs, produced and packed at a new Mozzarella cheese factory in Germany with state-of-the-art technology. The Mozzarella benefits from a long shelf-life of one full year when frozen thanks to a special freezing technology, and when defrosted enjoys the same attributes as the fresh version. This innovation complements the company's wide variety of yellow cheeses such as Gouda, Edam and Emmental, which are also 100% produced, packed and sealed in Germany.

Regional brand Rose is expanding

its product range Rose is a very successful UHT milk brand in western Africa. DMK started to roll out the popular brand in more countries in the MENA region at the beginning of 2016. Using the slogan “Your Daily Dairy Delight”, Rose will be positioned as an upper mainstream dairy brand. Its sales focus will therefore be on the larger retail chains. Rose's basic portfolio comprises whole milk in 1l, 0,5l and 200ml packs, with a straw on the portion pack. Additionally, Rose is now offering a semi-skimmed milk in 1l pack.

The brand is to present two new product ranges at Gulfood: instant fat filled milk powder with vitamins and processed cheese in slices and triangles. The instant fat filled milk powder is offered in 2.5kg tins and sachets with pack sizes of 400g and 900g, as well as small 20g and 25g sachets for single servings. The new product is rich in vitamins A and D, protein and calcium, which strengthens teeth and bones. The milk powder is also low in cholesterol. Rose processed cheese combines delicious taste with convenience. The assortment includes triangles and slices, each available in three different pack sizes. The products are ideal for preparing sandwiches or simply as a snack. The slices are also excellent for baking and grilling. To additionally support the new product launches, Rose has given its brand a fresh and young look and feel: the packaging of the two new product ranges features an appealing stylised cow called ‘Rosa’ as a new, distinguishing recognition feature.