DMK GROUP: Business Units to show innovations at Anuga

Sales-boosting assortments for retailers, food service and food manufacturers

Bremen, 9th of October 2017. After launching a corporate realignment in spring, the DMK GROUP will meet the trade public at this year's Anuga with an integrated range of products and services and a keenly developed understanding of customers and markets. The aim is to strengthen the company's established position as a leading partner for retail and industry customers. The Business Units DMK BRAND, DMK PRIVATE LABEL and DMK INTERNATIONAL will present exciting novelties and topics such as full-line category management for the German market.
MILRAM – Rügener and Küstenkäse
DMK BRAND: new MILRAM cheese varieties and attractive to-go concept
DMK is presenting two newcomers to its MILRAM brand cheese assortment at Anuga: the savoury notes of MILRAM Rügener and MILRAM Küstenkäse will bring a flavour of northern Germany to the nation's sandwiches. These two cheese originals, made of milk from the island of Rügen, owe their particularly intense flavour to the red smear cultures used in their production.

MILRAM, DMK's brand for German sales, is also creating strong purchasing incentives in the ultra-fresh segment with the new to-go concept "Frischer Genuss". The assortment consists of three products: the all-round Quark-Creme, the classic Milchreis rice pudding and Skyr as a trendy variant. All three innovations come ready packed in to-go pots: extras can be added on the spot by the supermarket in the form of fresh fruit, muesli and other toppings. "Ready-to-eat snacks with fresh ingredients are totally on-trend. Consumers expect ultra-fresh products with a hand-made character in this segment. With MILRAM Frischer Genuss, our retail partners can respond to their customers' continuing demand from now on and give sales an added boost. The new to-go concept combines ultra-fresh convenience with well-known brand quality and minimal handling," explains Matthias Rensch, Chief Operating Officer at DMK BRAND.

DMK PRIVATE LABEL: boosting sales with new ideas
The Business Unit DMK PRIVATE LABEL focuses on two innovations: the addition to its Skyr range of a drinks concept geared towards the continuing to-go trend, and a Greek-style curd in a number of varieties: next to protein, products with a particularly good taste factor are always key.

In future, DMK PRIVATE LABEL will focus even more on consumers: as users with wide- ranging nutrition-related desires and ideas, but also as shoppers and the resulting requirements on optimum
merchandising. "We want to have a discussion with our retail partners at Anuga, based on detailed studies we've conducted in-house about international trends in the food and dairy sectors: what hasn't changed –what's on the way in –what's more important than it used to be?" says Thorsten Rodehu?ser, Chief Operating Officer at DMK PRIVATE LABEL. It's important to the Business Unit to support retailers' private labels on their way to the next level: create sales-boosting ideas –think jointly of new approaches, beyond the categories –and enthuse consumers with the results.

DMK INTERNATIONAL: innovative new arrivals for international B2C and B2B food service customers
DMK INTERNATIONAL will present the latest novelties for food service customers under the Oldenburger brand: for example, a chef’s cooking cream with a fat content of 20 percent that is heat-stable, acid-stable and alcohol-stable and therefore doesn't flocculate. The product, specifically aimed at the professional cook's requirements, comes in a 1kg pack and is ideal for adding the finishing touch to sauces, creamy soups and many other dishes. The new lactose-free whipping cream offers bakeries and the hotel and restaurant sector extra sales potential, given that 25 percent of the world population suffers from lactose intolerance. The new product offers the well-known Oldenburger quality with a creamy, stable foam and delicious taste. It has a fat content of 35 percent and is offered in 1kg packs. With proven high- quality ingredients and an improved recipe, the Oldenburger cream Shani with a 35 percent fat content fulfils the needs of professionals in the hotel and restaurant trade and bakeries.

The health trend continues, and accordingly DMK is presenting five new products in the yoghurt and curd portfolio: mild fruit yoghurt in a strawberry variety, sweet fruit yoghurt in a peach & passion fruit variety and refreshing plain yoghurt and creamy, Turkish-style yoghurt. Added to these is a plain Oldenburger curd, suited for use in preparing both cold and hot dishes. The ready-to-eat products are available in reclosable 5kg pails.

Oldenburger now also offers its popular Gouda and Edam cheeses in a practical 1kg pack of shingle-packed slices. These can be removed easily from the packaging and are versatile in use –to enhance a buffet, or for sandwiches, cheese-topped grilled dishes and much more. The new Oldenburger mozzarella is excellent in particular for pizzas, pasta and salads. It's available either grated or cubed in 2kg packs.
Oldenburger – UHT Vitamin D Milk
New from Oldenburger for consumers
A newcomer to the Oldenburger brand is a vitamin D-rich milk, one glass (240ml) of which provides the recommended daily requirement of vitamin D. Vitamin D deficiency is a global health problem that affects all age groups. The low-fat milk is available in 1l packs and 200ml to-go packs with a straw. Three new convenience products will make for added sales in the cheese segment: in the mozzarella, Emmental and mixed cheese (Gouda, Emmental and mozzarella) varieties, this cheese will be offered ready-grated and in practical, reclosable 200g stand-up pouches.
ROSE – Product Composing
Rose expands product range
DMK has been very successful with the Rose brand for many years in west African countries and the MENA region with its UHT milk portfolio. At Anuga, it will now present a selection of attractive cheese products.

Customised solutions for the B2B food service sector
DMK INTERNATIONAL can offer a wide array of individual product and packaging solutions in the private label & contract manufacturing segments. These include dairy and cheese products which can be made from non-GMO milk or meadow milk, responding to the growing international trend towards sustainably produced food. Further examples are attractive convenience packagings, for the curd segment and other areas. The assortment ranges from lactose-free to high-protein products.

DOC Dairy Partners (DDP for short) presents the Uniekaas brand
The DMK subsidiary DOC Dairy Partners – which is in charge of distributing cheese and a wide range of dairy products in the Benelux countries, France, the UK and Scandinavia –will introduce the new Uniekaas brand at the food fair. This brand's special recipes are free from additives and preservatives.

The Netherlands' oldest cheese brand, Uniekaas, has also formed part of the portfolio since August 2017. Michael Feller, Chief Operating Officer of DMK INTERNATIONAL, says: "DOC Dairy Partners has taken over Uniekaas's business activities in their entirety, including the production, ripening and packaging facilities at the Kaatsheuvel site in the Netherlands. This means that DDP runs the entire production chain and is strengthening its position in competition with other cheese manufacturers".

Visitors to the food fair can discover the extensive portfolio at Stand C11/D18 in Hall 10 from 7 to 11 October.