In rolling out new types of ice cream, DMK declares that winter is over

Back to the future:
  • With its popular classics sporting a new look, Sanobub is back in the ice cream freezer
  • Together with MILRAM, a strong brand celebrates its entry into the freezer compartment
  • With Baileys, an international liqueur classic will also be added to the product range

    Bremen, 1 February 2018. With its business unit DMK Ice Cream, the DMK Group is taking a major step forward in the course of its realignment; in April 2018, it will be launching several new types of ice cream in different categories. To awaken childhood memories, the company will reintroduce some favourite varieties from its traditional Sanobub brand, which has been in existence since 1949. Under the MILRAM brand, DMK will release a fruity skyr ice cream from the home of freshness onto the market. Furthermore, by teaming up with Baileys, freezers can expect to welcome the distinctive taste of the Irish cream liqueur turned into ice cream.
With the relaunch of the traditional Sanobub brand, DMK is reviving true childhood memories through its well-known – and newly re-released – varieties as well as the ‘Kuh Lore’. Under the name ‘Back to the Moo-ture’, the Münsterland regional brand will be available starting in April in the form of a 1,000 ml family-size pack. Flavours include ‘erdbär’ (strawberry), ‘schokidoki’ (chocolate), ‘vanilleschnute’ (vanilla) and ‘trikuhlore’ (Neapolitan); the latter is also available as a 2,500 ml option. In addition, there will also be a ‘bunte tüte’ grab bag with ice lollies, waffle cones and a sandwich, as well as a ‘nacho kuhramell’ multipack.

With the MILRAM skyr ice cream, DMK will also be offering an innovative novelty in the ice lolly segment starting in April. Ice cream lovers can look forward to two fruity varieties: apricot-seaberry and raspberry-cranberry. By using skyr, the ice cream also scores points as a source of protein with little fat. As a further innovation, MILRAM will be offering a buttermilk ice cream in an 850 ml family-size bowl. The fresh and fruity ice cream confection is available in lemon, raspberry and strawberry.

“As part of our realignment, we intend to build up and establish our brands while developing new segments. With the comeback of our cult favourite brand Sanobub and the development of the first MILRAM ice cream, an important step in the right direction has been taken, and this encourages us to continue on our chosen path”, says Marcus-Dominic Hauck, COO of DMK Ice Cream.

Furthermore, DMK has won Baileys as a partner and will launch the third innovation – Baileys ice cream – in 500 ml cups in the flavours ‘Coffee Delight’ and ‘Chocolate Secret’. In addition to ice cream cups, the delightful combination of Baileys and ice cream will also be available on a stick in the ‘Coffee Dream’, ‘Caramel Sensation’ and ‘Chocolate Deluxe’ varieties. Declan Hassett, Senior Licensing Manager: “We are excited to be partnering with

DMK to bring Baileys into new treating occasions. This premium ice cream offering will allow consumers to experience the unmistakable taste of Baileys in new and delicious ways.”