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Responsible management

Sustainability has a very high priority at the DMK Group. Sustainability is a communal task. It concerns all departments and levels of the company, includes collaboration with external stakeholders and involves the entire value chain in the sustainability process. The sustainability strategy "DMK 2020: Our milk. Our world." (DMK 2020 for short) is integrated into our corporate strategy and lays down guidelines up to the end of 2020.

DMK Group value chain
Milk production
6,182 active milk producers across Germany deliver their milk to DMK.
Milk collection
180 milk collection trucks bring the milk to plants in 10 federal states (delivery logistics).
Milk processing
DMK processes the milk into various products in specialized factories.
The products are delivered from the DMK plants to further processing companies and the trade.
Processing and trading
DMK products can be found in retail, gastronomy, pharmacies and processing companies.
Consumption and disposal
The products are bought and consumed. Most packaging can be disposed of via the dual system or as waste paper.

DMK 2020

Sustainability strategy

DMK published the DMK 2020 sustainability strategy in 2013. It focuses on the period to the end of 2020 and encompasses five highly relevant strategic areas: agriculture, environment, milk, team and society. The five areas are underpinned with 10 fields of action, 10 goals and corresponding actions. DMK oversees their implementation with indicators and annual monitoring.


The new Milkmaster Programme

Since 2016, DMK has been offering its dairy farmers a bonus programme to promote responsible and sustainable milk production - Milkmaster. The aim is to raise farmers’ awareness of topics such as safety, quality, animal health and the environment and to reward them for their associated commitment.

At the beginning of 2020, the programme was adapted to meet the changed requirements of agricultural practice and of customers and society.

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