From the home of freshness

The MILRAM brand is the main brand of DMK Deutsches Milchkontor GmbH. In addition to sandwich spreads like the popular MILRAM FrühlingsQuark (herb curd), cheeses such as MILRAM Burlander, drinks like MILRAM fruit buttermilk and desserts, the product range includes dairy products for everyday use. The MILRAM brand stands for fresh taste from northern Germany, in short: MILRAM – from the home of freshness.

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MILRAM Food-Service

We are the full-line supplier of dairy and cheese products for gastronomy and community care, and support professional chefs in their daily work. We offer high-quality fresh dairy products for use in the professional kitchen and big-selling branded products for your customers. As part of Germany's largest dairy company, MILRAM is the best-known national brand for dairy products and works in close collaboration with chefs and consumers. As the market leader, we use this knowledge and offer them practical, fail-safe solutions with genuine value added for their business which help to delight their guests day after day. Whether in the kitchen or on the guest's table – MILRAM products impress with their consistent high quality and natural taste.

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All Osterland products are true Thuringians. They are produced in Erfurt, and the milk comes from the region as well. This is confirmed by the seal "Geprüfte Qualität aus Thüringen" – tested quality from Thuringia. In addition, typical east German recipes are used that simply taste of home. Osterland's delicious desserts, particularly the much-loved berry fruit varieties, are a prime example.

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Oldenburger, our export brand, is synonymous with flavour and top product quality "Made in Germany", highlighted by a seal of origin on the packaging. At home in the heart of northern Germany, with historical roots in the Oldenburg region, the distinguishing characteristics of Oldenburger products are their quality, heritage and place of origin.

Oldenburger operates successfully with a broad range of dairy products in more than 80 countries all over the world. For example, we serve B2B and B2C customers with milk and cream products, milk powders and a wide variety of cheeses in different formats.

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Oldenburger Professional

DMK is Germany’s leading dairy company serving the catering industry. Its hallmark is award-winning products that have been optimised and fine-tuned based on input from experienced chefs so that they excel in flavour, versatility, usability, physical properties and more.
Oldenburger Professional, DMK’s international brand, puts Germany’s know-how in the hands of chefs worldwide. It includes a collection of sure-fire recipes – culinary creations that are guaranteed to thrill guests and boost sales. What makes them so special? They have been especially developed by chefs for chefs and tested and approved in kitchens around the world. Explore the fascinating variety of modern German cuisine using our high-quality ingredients!

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Uniekaas is the oldest cheese brand in the Netherlands and comprises a broad portfolio of quality cheeses, from young to extra old, from snack to delicacy. The fresh milk for the cheese is supplied by Dutch farmers who are members of DOC Kaas, the second largest dairy cooperative in the Netherlands.
All cheeses are made according to the original Uniekaas recipe, but in all other respects innovation prevails.

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Of course, our cheese is not only available in Dutch supermarkets.
A broad assortment of Uniekaas cheeses is also exported to markets abroad.

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Humana has been an expert partner to parents in all matters of infant nutrition for more than 60 years. Humana develops its products from a combination of state-of-the-art scientific research, long years of experience and a knowledge of babies' needs - out of love for children. Our baby food – milk and special formulae, cereals, jarred foods, desserts, teas, juices & water and food supplements for babies and nursing mothers – are made in Germany from the best raw ingredients and to the highest quality standards. Parents in more than 50 countries worldwide have confidence in Humana baby food.

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For over 80 years we have known what it takes to raise babies and toddlers. We lend parents a helping hand during this exciting time, supporting them with all kinds of nutrition tips and a large selection of delicious products tailored perfectly to the little ones’ needs. This takes a great deal of pressure off parents.
We only use the best, selected ingredients for our products. Most of these are organic in quality. Each ingredient and processing step is monitored closely.
And, in order to make sure that the good nutrients and vitamins aren’t lost, the high-quality raw materials are processed carefully by us in a manner that preserves their natural properties.

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The glucose products, packed in rolls with twisted ends or individually sealed in brightly-coloured flowpacks, are a well known trademark. The German slogan, roughly translated, means "they make the day look bright". With fruity flavours from pineapple to lemon, there's something to everyone's taste. Die Traubenzuckerlutscher, sage-flavoured and fizzy bonbons and seasonal articles complete the assortment. intact products are only available from pharmacies.

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The sanotact brand comprises nutritional supplements, diet foods and medical products. By supplying vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients, the products help to provide nutrients that are vital to people's health. The 100% natural sanotact Bierhefe products made from brewer's yeast, naturally rich in B vitamins, enjoy cult status. sanotact products can have a positive effect on the appearance of skin, hair and nails and strengthen the body's immune defences and general well-being. With its special expertise in the field of food intolerances, with a particular emphasis on lactose intolerance, sanotact makes a valuable contribution to healthy digestion. sanotact products are available in well-assorted drugstores and many grocery chains as well as from Online shops.

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