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Baileys ice cream in a cone, MILRAM Moin cocoa-flavored ice cream in a bowl – these are just a few of DMK’s newest ice cream creations. There’s been a lot going on over the last two years in DMK’s “ice cream’’ department! The unit develops new tastes for our retail partners and successful brands. That’s how the cooperation with Baileys came about. The success is bolstering DMK. “We want to use this momentum for other partners,’’ says Marcus-Dominic Hauck, COO of DMK Ice Cream. The market has taken notice. “In the household packaging category, the 500-ml bowl is a clear driver of growth. The containers grew faster than the overall market in 2018.’’ The new buying behaviour is closely related to people’s changing lifestyles. “You will probably see fewer of the 1,000-ml and 2,500-ml sizes in the future,’’ the COO says. Instead, the trend toward smaller packaging will increase.


Ice cream flavored with the beloved Irish cream liquor has long been a hit in the bowl. With Baileys ice cream in a cone, DMK is moving into the second biggest market segment. The new flavor “Vanilla Chocolate Desire’’ marries Baileys ice cream and vanilla ice cream with layers of chocolate and chocolate sauce. “Double Chocolate Luxury’’ – with chocolate and Baileys ice cream – tastes extra- chocolatey.


Less fat, less sugar, fewer calories: MILRAM Skyr Ice Cream is beloved as a fruity, milky and light treat. It’s made from lots of milk and Skyr, a cultured dairy product. Skyr is originally from Iceland and is comparable to low-fat quark curd cheese or yoghurt. Besides the popular Rasberry- Cranberry and Apricot-Seabuckthorn flavors, the new fruity Blueberry- Elderberry is available. Like the others, the ice cream is interwoven with a fruit sauce.


MILRAM was busy developing new ice cream products for DMK too. Starting in March 2019, MILRAM-MOIN ice cream in new, 500-ml “fresh’’ packaging is available. The MOIN brand covers the classics – vanilla, chocolate and strawberry – and is noted for its ´high 70-percent milk content. Product developers consciously opted for smaller packages. Within household packaging, the 500-ml size is the clear market growth-driver.


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