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Quality Circle

How can I improve quality? Attendees addressed this question at a summer workshop at the Holdorf plant. The aim was to show what everyone can do to improve the quality of the products. Quality boards were set up to inform people what could be done better.

50: Erfurt’s Milestone Birthday

Erfurt has developed from a dairy plant to a technology center and has become one of the most important suppliers to the German retail business. Every hour, the site can churn out more than 54,000 pots of cream or 18,000 pots of Osterland fruit pudding.

MILRAM at Hamburg's fish market

70,000 visitors amble through Hamburg’s fish market every Sunday. On this particular day, a DMK truck showed up at the Elbe river side, parking alongside all the market criers at five o’clock and showed passers by why MILRAM is the home of freshness.

Bella Mozzarella

The new mozzarella plant in Nordhackstedt started operations in the summer. The facility can churn out up to 35,000 tons of cheese per year, at a rate of 100 tons per day. The pizza industry takes up to 80 percent of the product.

Spray Tower Opens

After only seven months of construction, DP Supply’s new spray tower in Lower Saxony has started production on september 12. Alongside its previous portfolio, DP Supply’s plant can now also produce infant nutrition products.

Bahlsen and DMK

Bahlsens and DMK's partnership brought up a new ice cream hit: a new interpretation of Bahlsen classic: “Cinnamon cookies” as an ice cream for the chilly winter season. This new creation really won the hearts of consumers and creates a high demand.

Strong TV Showing “Kalder Kaffee”

In September MILRAM launched a new TV advertising campaign for its new drink “Kalder Kaffee.” Three spots tailored to the modern product: with a lifestyle look, quick cuts and an energizing effect. It successfully reached out to a younger target group

Trams run ads for MILRAM

MILRAM products can help you to chill out. Now, five trams bearing the MILRAM brand are out and about in Bremen. They are running through to the end of the year on lines 1, 4 and 6, so you can catch the MILRAM ads and their chilled north German slogans.

Target Image Goes on Tour

DMK will start a tour of sites in August, presenting “Target Image 2030”. The aim is to draw the DMK family closer together, and create a stronger “we” feeling. It will also be a chance to see the group’s new film, “DMK 2030”.