Innovation – firmly anchored in our corporate strategy

A dynamic market such as that for high-quality dairy products demands continuous further development. We are addressing the future and have anchored innovations firmly in our corporate strategy. In the past years, we have set up an additional corporate department at DMK GROUP - our Corporate Innovation Management - and created a positive innovation culture. Our „Milk Innovation Center“ (MIC) within the Research & Development department provide the ideal conditions. 

With innovations, we are investing in the future and getting the best out of ourvaluable raw material, milk: in order to serve the needs of customers now and in the future, achieve greater added value for profitable growth, contribute to paying our farmers a fair price for their milk and open up opportunities for us to go in new directions.

Our innovation process

The innovation process is driven forward throughout the Group by a team of experts. Networking of knowledge and skills plays a crucial role both in research and development and in the implementation of innovations. We manage innovations in interdisciplinary organisations even in the early stage in order to involve different corporate departments in the innovation process. This process begins with the identification of relevant trends, continuing through the development of ideas to their implementation as innovations and their further tracking.

We strengthen our innovativeness by integrating external partners in our innovation process. We use innovative solutions to meet global challenges, thereby shaping the future - for us as a company, our farmers, our customers and the consumers of our products. We generate innovations along the entire milk value chain – which offers a wide field with enormous potential. We are a competent partner for innovations in the dairy industry: in addition to new products, innovations at DMK also embrace new business areas and models, new technologies, processes and optimised procedures, new ingredients for product manufacturing and new packaging materials.


A central corporate department is Research and Development (R&D). The DMK GROUP invests in its further development every year. This includes joint research with higher education institutions, development together with suppliers, staff increases, and also investments in equipment and new technologies such as an experimental tower or filtration technologies.

R&D also supports the optimisation of manufacturing processes. Jointly and in consultation with different corporate departments and Innovation Management, it also develops a wide range of projects of major importance to the DMK GROUP's continued future development. Our goal: we want to improve our value added – through constant quality improvements, product innovations, optimised processes and new technologies. These long-term measures will take care of sales, profits and the payment of our milk prices and are a mirror of corporate success.

MIC: Milk Innovation Centers at two sites

The focus at the Zeven research and development site is on the two strategic business units fresh dairy products and powders/ingredients. Here, new products are developed for our branded products business, grocery retailers, the bulk consumer sector and the FCMG industry. Another key area is process- and application-optimised product solutions for the food manufacturing industry, for example in the areas of confectionery, baked goods and ice cream; the hospitality industry (hotels, restaurants and catering); and the deep frozen and delicatessen sector. We work here on tailor-made solutions for our clients in an environment true to every detail, with a miniature dairy and special technical centres for confectionery and baked goods.

At the cheese technical centre at the Edewecht site, we are able to pursue the targeted development of individual and innovative variations and methods with our pilot facility and experimental cheese-making plant, and then map them onto scale production. Our excellent technical facilities for the development of new products and processes set their stamp on our innovativeness 

Dairy competence

As the largest German dairy company with a long-standing corporate heritage, a great deal of experience and an international orientation and presence, we have an excellent skill set to achieve innovative progress. We thus play an important role in shaping the future of the dairy industry. We supplement our expertise in fresh dairy products with the competences of our various subsidiaries – that way, we use synergies to optimum effect, strengthen our innovativeness and are extremely well positioned for the future.

One factor always remains central: treating milk as a raw material responsibly. Its various valuable components guarantee many opportunities for future innovations. 

Trends & Future

Our society is subject to constant change. To do justice to our standards as an innovative company, we always keep our finger on the pulse of the times. We give intensive consideration to our customers' needs of tomorrow. A global network of trend scouts and trend experts and the use of leading-edge tools help us to identify trends early.

This is an extremely important element of the early phase of our innovation process. All over the world, we accompany people across generations with our products, making the best from the milk. Trends and constant change alter needs, attitudes and ways of life. As a result of our established trend management function and our intensive approach to dealing with these future changes, we meet trends with innovative solutions.

Partner & Network

The exchange of knowledge is the foundation of every form of progress and innovation. For this reason, we reach out beyond our own potentials and are also in close and permanent contact with highly reputable partners from science and academia both in Germany and abroad. Renommierte Veranstaltungen bieten uns Plattformen um uns international zu vernetzen. So bringen wir immer wieder neue Kompetenzen zusammen und stärken unsere Innovationskraft.