Responsibility and integrity. Keys to success.

Entrepreneurial, fair and innovative are our core values. Being entrepreneurial means taking action, provided that this is always done lawfully. The DMK GROUP actively champions integrity and conformity with the law, now also designated "compliance", both in Germany and abroad. Violations of anti-trust legislation, corruption and other illegal business practices are not tolerated under any circumstances. To protect against economic crimes and anti-trust offences, the DMK GROUP is setting up a Compliance Management System.

The principle of compliance includes ensuring wrongdoing always has consequences. The duty to behave with integrity means that regulatory violations must be actively opposed. An external ombudsman who is bound to secrecy is available whom employees can notify if laws are being contravened. The DMK GROUP also offers business partners the opportunity to contact the external ombudsman in confidence. The DMK GROUP rigorously protects the honest informant from all forms of influence.

The Code of Conduct. Guidance for employees and business partners.

With the DMK Code of Conduct, the DMK GROUP has not only committed to integrity in business, but has also set forth binding requirements on ethical conduct and sustainability and on compliance with social and environmental standards. We expect the actions of our business partners to be based on guidelines that are compatible with the DMK Code of Conduct.