As a modern cooperative, we are well positioned to offer a sustainable and innovative product portfolio: from the farm to the consumer’s table.

We are DMK

At DMK, more than 14,000 people live passionately for milk every day. We are Germany’s largest dairy cooperative and one of the most important suppliers to Germany’s retail food sector. Our farmers, their families and our employees work together to enable us produce top-quality food at more than 20 sites. We process around 8 billion kilos of milk every year for that purpose. Our product portfolio ranges from baby food, cheese, fresh dairy products and ice cream to ingredients, and stands for quality, diversity and innovation. As a modern food manufacturer, we look beyond the raw milk alone: our top priority is to focus in everything we do on what consumers need and what they expect from our products. This enables us not only to meet these needs and expectations, but to keep improving further. On this basis, we work together every day towards our goal of being the first choice for dairy products of natural origin in every phase of consumers’ lives.

We have successful brands

Brands such as MILRAM, Oldenburger, Humana, Alete and Uniekaas give consumers in Germany and abroad place enormous confidence in us. We are an established name in our European home market and selected target markets around the globe. We are constantly building on the position we have earned in the different B2C and B2B markets. With the help of our own targeted trend management and a deep understanding of customers and consumers, gained over a number of decades, we therefore continuously adapt our portfolio to changing needs in a highly dynamic environment. From baby food to cheese to whey – we know how to get the best out of our milk and use every one of its valuable, natural elements. We combine our many years of expertise with intensive research and development so as to manufacture innovative, delicious products at our modern factories. We are driven by a desire to achieve the best possible value added for our customers and our company.

Facts & Figures

7.000 farmers

7.700 employees

More than 20 sites

5.6 billion euros turnover

We take responsibility

From the meadow to the consumer’s shopping bag, we are conscious of our responsibility for our products. We use nature’s resources to optimum effect and select our ingredients with the greatest care. We address socially and politically relevant topics such as sugar reduction, packaging, animal welfare and sustainable feed and contribute actively towards solutions. With our sustainability strategy and the Milkmaster Programme, we improve sustainability in dairy farming holistically and involve various specialist departments across the company in implementing this mission. We see sustainable business activities as the prerequisite for a good, natural portfolio and products with a pure, unadulterated milk flavour – and also as our responsibility towards consumers, employees and our dairy farmers.

We are a strong community

We are a company owned by farmers, and the cooperative structure is deeply embedded in our corporate core. We are a community that stands for self-management, communal spirit, mutual support and continuity as well as a shared readiness to be flexible and to change. We are taking the heritage of the cooperative model into the future by developing it continuously and designing our relationship with our members in a modern way. We therefore attach great importance to intensive dialogue within the cooperative and a strong “we” feeling among dairy farmers and employees. With this basis, we can act as a unified whole to develop our company actively and go on making our vision for the future a reality.


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