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After you graduate, our Trainee Programme offers you an exciting professional environment in which your professional and interpersonal skills will be developed in depth. You will experience growth and diversity combined with regional commitment and an international orientation.

In our 18-month programme, you will pass through different departments in one area of the company and will therefore have the opportunity to try out and become familiar with different roles. You will be part of a team from the very beginning. You will work in the day-to-day business and can demonstrate and further develop your skills in project work. Your line manager will support your development with professional coaching. You will be automatically enrolled in our development programme for young managers, the DMK Starter Academy. Its aim is to further extend its participants' interpersonal skills and prepare them for leadership positions. On the basis of an analysis of your potential, we will determine your current "maturity" and will therefore be able to develop you individually. Your development will be supported by an external coach trained in psychology.

Our aim is to place you after 18 months in a field of work that matches your skills and strengths. The individually designed programme not only takes your interests and education into account, but also our internal developments and the topics on which we focus.


DMK Starter Academy

Have you ever thought about your leadership potential? Would you like to get to know and develop your potential?

For all those who want to work on their careers, in-house development is a unique chance to acquire attractive opportunities for advancement. That's why DMK GROUP has a development programme (over an 18-month period) for newly hired trainees and established DMK employees (including those at subsidiaries). In the prior selection process, every candidate who meets defined criteria carries out an analysis of his/her potential. This analysis serves afterwards as a personal development plan.

Unfortunately, people aren't simply born with leadership skills – rather, such skills are the result of demanding training in a lot of different areas of interpersonal skills, combined with experience.

As a first step towards their becoming leaders, the important thing is to train participants in a variety of interpersonal skills. Participants acquire professional expertise in the individual specialist departments, and leadership and interpersonal skills through training modules and at informational events - as well as by translating the training they receive into practice.

Human Resources trainee

Experience story: Dagmar Maria Balcerek, Trainee in the Human Resources department

Surname, First name: Balcerek, Dagmar Maria
Age: 27 years
Degree(s): Industrial psychology (M.Sc.)
Current position: Human Resources trainee

Your personal career with DMK:
After successfully completing all my exams in industrial psychology at university, I wanted to do a voluntary internship. On the one hand, because I wanted to develop further, and on the other, so as to know exactly where I should be heading after graduation. In April 2013 I started a seven-month internship in DMK's HR development department in Bremen. DMK then enabled me to complete my degree with a Master's dissertation project at the company. And the best thing was that I was able to choose my own subject area in consultation with the HR development department. The opportunity for me to take the job as a trainee in the HR department arose during that time – and of course I jumped at the chance.

How did you find out about DMK?
If you look at the history of the DMK GROUP, you pretty soon realise that this is a fast-growing company. I had a direct connection in my personal life with all the mergers, through my father, particularly after the merger of Humana and Nordmilch. For that reason, I had been interested in the company and its development since I was a little girl. The fantastic thing was that an advert was placed on an online job exchange right at the time when I was looking for an internship. I applied straight away.

Why do you like DMK as an employer?
My period as a trainee will take a total of 18 months. During that time, I will be assigned to different departments. That way, I can get to know every area of the company. In addition, DMK offers a lot of development opportunities such as the Starter Academy, which also takes 18 months. It's an executive development programme especially designed to build and consolidate personal skills.

Both long-standing employees and newly hired trainees take part. The participants are given an individual analysis of their potential and a personal interview. That was a brilliant opportunity to find out more about my potential and development opportunities and specifically about further improving my interpersonal skills.

Experienced mentors help us to implement the learnings to optimum effect in practice. Workshops with colleagues from other sites will enable me to build a network of colleagues that will help me enormously in the job and the company because we can exchange knowledge quickly. Despite its 28 sites, DMK is one big family and you sense that. The entire Starter Academy is accompanied by a team of experts made up of a psychologist and an HR developer.

What do you particularly like about DMK/what does DMK mean to you?
What I like best about DMK is the friendly, open and helpful way people deal with each other – whether among peers or with the top management. I have felt very happy here since the first day onwards, because the communication and the everyday work with each other is just fantastic. I think it's great that the whole workforce is developed and that you find an open corporate culture across all the areas of the company.

What is particularly important to you in a job?
It is particularly important to me to be able to keep developing, and that a positive corporate culture is also supported and embodied by the bosses; the open way people deal with each other is important as well. And the feel-good factor in my work is very important to me personally.

What has been your best experience at DMK so far?
My best experience at DMK was definitely that I got the opportunity to stay on board after completing my Master's dissertation and to be able to participate in the Starter Academy.